Let Us Help You Keep Your Students and Their Families Safe From Distracted Driving

“Kids Speaking Up For Road Safety”

Elementary School Distracted Driving Lesson Plans

We all know that distracted driving is a terrible problem in our communities. No one likes it when the driver in the next car to them drives distracted, but despite that, many of us still drive distracted. More than 50% of high school and middle school students say that their moms and dads routinely drive distracted. A recent study published in the Journal, Pediatrics, found that 47 % of parent and caregiver drivers of 4 to 10 year-olds talked on the phone while holding it in their hands, 33% read texts and 26% sent text messages. All of this occurred while the car was moving with their child in the car.

So, our children are being exposed to an increased crash risk by distracted drivers, and parents and caregivers are sending the message to their kids that using our phones while driving is okay. Clearly something needs to be done to protect our children and we cannot wait until they begin to drive.  

“Kids Speaking Up For Road Safety” was created by End Distracted Driving.org and Safe Roads Alliance, two of the leading organizations devoted to distracted driving educational initiatives in the country. Working with educators, child psychologists, elementary school curriculum developers, SEL experts and traffic safety professionals, lesson plans were created to help keep our children safe now, and to create a generation of students who will not use their smartphones when they get their licenses. The lesson plans were developed to provide teachers with everything they need to give 30-45 minute lessons that are interactive and developmentally appropriate. There are 3 lesson plans: 2-3, 4-5 and 6 th grade, a comprehensive Facilitator’s Guide and cross-curricular activities (Math, Health, Art, Music) which complement the lesson plans. An animated character, ”Sam,” a meerkat, was created who guides the students through the lesson plans. Three video/animations support the lesson plans and help teach what it means to be distracted generally, the problems with trying to “multi-task,” what distracted driving looks like and how to respectfully ask others to drive safer using ”I” statements.

Here is a link to a TV news segment with one of the creators, Joel Feldman of End DD.org, that gives an overview of the program:  https://phl17.com/phl17-morning-news/local-dad-creates-new-lesson-plan-to-end-distracted-driving/

We hope that you will allow us to help you keep your students and their families safer.

Here is a link to a Power Point that provides more details about the lesson plans with links to the video/animations:  https://enddd.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/2020/Kids+Speaking+Up+for+Safety+Presentation+with+Videos_v4-opt.pptx

For more information e-mail info@EndDD.org,