July 10, 2017 --  "Knowledge or Wisdom?"
           "I must be"
I recently saw a sign outside a store that read, "Knowledge is speaking and wisdom is listening." For those of you that know me I must be really knowledgeable!
         "Understanding Knowledge and Wisdom"
Knowledge is an accumulation of facts, information and skills acquired through experience and education . Sharing of knowledge can be used to teach, mentor or coach as well as to guide others in accumulating knowledge they may not have possessed.

Wisdom combines all aspects of knowledge with the addition of a common sense, good judgement and a soundness of action. Wisdom includes an awareness of listening. This enables a wise person to hear what others do not and to possess a rare ability to understand what others cannot.
         "Blending Knowledge and Wisdom"
We all know many knowledgeable people. Sometimes they try to tell you all they know every time you meet them. Other times they are the ones who know it all and only their opinions matter. They brag about what they know and how much smarter they are then anyone.  Many times they seem to be all around us as acquaintances, friends and even family.

Wisdom keeps us from being so stupid as to think we know it all. That just may be the understanding acquaintances, friends and even some family do not possess. 
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Kwaiserism - "Have the wisdom to be more than just knowledgeable"