This is the LAST message you'll be getting from me about "Summer Harp Jam."  

At 11:59 pm Hawaiian time tonight (yes! Hawaiian time!) enrollment closes.
I hope you are planning to join me in Summer Harp Jam ...
...because the doors are about to close!

>> You don't need to wait 'until you can play better' to improvise.   Anyone from advanced beginner to a classical professional can learn to let go of the notes on the page and just have fun in "Summer Harp Jam."   

>> Even if you've never improvised a note of music,
you will experience the fun of why they call music PLAYING!  

>> You don't have to learn 'all the rules' of improvisation.   You'll be playing along in the very first week because the jam sequences are so simple ... and you can embellish and expand them at your own pace.

PLUS: You can use everything you learn in "Summer Harp Jam" to expand the music you already play - for your own fun,  to play with others or in therapeutic settings. 

And you'll be working with one of the world's master improvisers on YOUR INSTRUMENT - the harp!   Instead of struggling to try to learn things that work for other instruments, you get to work directly with someone who can show you tricks that are easy, fun (and impressive!) on THE HARP!

Here's what people said about last year's "Summer Harp Jam": 

"I have a strict classical background & never in my wildest dreams thought I could improvise. This makes it all come together." (Sally, Hawaii) 

"I just realized that  I can play a really gorgeous improv and nobody will know how simple it is!" (Nell, Georgia) 

"You made it so simple for me that it clicked in my head and I was adding a lot of extra notes on my own which gave me more confidence!" (Ellen, Arkansas)  
If you truly want to BREAK FREE of written music
in a fun online environment with a Grammy-Nominated artist who knows how to make music work for YOUR instrument ...   

Go here and join me right now before I close the doors.  

ALL my best,


Deborah Henson-Conant

PS:  I am here answering emails personally as long as I'm awake - just hit reply if you have any questions about the course and whether it's right for you.

PPS:  I just added a bonus training on how to improvise on HAPPY BIRTHDAY today - I"m SOOOO excited about it!!!!