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April 2016 
Henry Tanaka, LOXVIII, ALI-3
Academic Dean: 
Art, Design and Humanities
 Oakland Community College
What made you decide to go through the LO program?
It was recommended to me by my Supervisor and when I learned more about it I was very enthusiastic about going. I heard about the scope of the events and the caliber and breadth of the membership. I was very impressed.

What did you think you'd get out of it?
I thought I would meet people and learn about the area and community.
What did you actually get from the experience?
I can't tell you how many doors of opportunity that have opened because of great people that I have met from Leadership Oakland.
What would you tell someone who was thinking about the Cornerstone program?
Just do it! You have everything to gain. Meeting great people, learning about all kind of areas that will help you to grow personally and professionally.  Networking with many professionals that will help you create a support group outside of your institution for life. For me, this has been my experience.
Have you made any changes since your LO graduation?
Yes, I have been through many changes in my position at my organization and sometimes change is not easy but I have many LO friends that have helped me through those times.

Also I have been very involved in many organizations in the Asian American community and most recently came back from a trip to Japan hosted by Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  It was an amazing trip! 

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The LOXXVI Cornerstone class is pleased to have partnered with the Micah 6 Community, Pontiac, and looks forward to building a 26-foot by 90-foot greenhouse and planting seedlings for the group's community garden on April 23. Class members appreciate the fact that this Day of Service will give all who participate the opportunity to help boost the revitalization work Micah 6 Community has been doing in the northwest area of Pontiac.
Visit the LO website to learn more.

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Art & Culture Cornerstone Session
April 13 was our seventh session for our LOXXVI class. The session's objectives  were to provide participants with a broad perspective of art and cultural opportunities in Oakland County and Southeast Michigan. Also to expose participants to the issues facing the future of the arts and the impact on the social, economic and cultural climate in our region.
"Very engaging and insightful! Elliot Broom from the DIA came and presented, which made it all real for us. Mercedes Benz Financial Services showcased awesome works of art, and served the best lunch, to the best class period!"

     -Suane Loomis, LOXVI
Session Sponsors : HAP, DTE Energy Foundation, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center

 Should Leaders Focus on
 Results or People?
People often debate what makes a better leader: the no-nonsense, results-focused type or the motivational, people-focused type. New research has provided the answer-neither.
James Zenger surveyed over 60,000 employees to see which leadership characteristics made leaders "great" in the eyes of their employees. Two of the characteristics that Zenger looked at were "results-focus" and "people-focus," and he found that neither characteristic consistently produced great leadership.

 Leaders who primarily focused on results were seen as great just 14% of the time, and leaders who primarily focused on people were seen as great only 12% of the time. However, leaders who were able to balance their approach and focus equally on results and people (which, according to a study by David Rock, is less than 1% of all leaders) were seen as great a whopping 72% of the time.
In other words, results-focus and people-focus are weak predictors of great leadership on their own. It's the potent combination of the two that consistently makes leaders great.
Leaders who can focus equally on results and people motivate people to be their best, without losing sight of the bigger picture. This balance enables them to achieve extraordinary results, because they do five things that few other leaders are able to accomplish.
A Message from the Director, Nancy Maurer
Are You Serving as You Lead?

The first time I heard the term servant leadership I thought "what kind of crazy leadership fad is that?" My early leadership career was spent in an industry that was highly competitive and unpredictable. Weren't leaders supposed to be strong, dynamic and decisive? Serving seemed so ... well ... weak.

Fortunately, maturity and observation changed that opinion. The most effective and successful leaders always seemed to be serving something greater than themselves - a cause, a team or department, an opportunity to change something for the better. And others wanted to follow them to become part of whatever these leaders were working on. That's true leadership!

At last month's Taste of Leadership Oakland event, we honored three alumni with the Leader of Leaders Awards (LOLA). Nominated by peers and colleagues, each recipient was recognized for their outstanding dedication to sharing their talents generously to serve organizations, vulnerable and at-risk citizens, and a public crisis that has impacted thousands of lives.

Their stories and countless others from alumni are inspirational to those of us who lead LO. They motivate us to seek ways to better serve our region, our alumni, and our area's leaders with opportunities to grow personally, professionally and publicly. I look forward to sharing with you how we are doing that in the months to come.

So, this month I leave you with a couple of questions: What or whom are you serving? And is it creating the leadership legacy you want to be remembered for?

Upcoming Events
There is still time to nominate yourself or someone you know for Cornerstone - LOXXVII

Leadership Oakland is now accepting applications for LOXXVII
The deadline is May 25

Applicant Requirements:
The Committee will be seeking participation from varied ethnic, minority, age and gender groups to represent a cross-section of the community. Participants should be active in business, and/or professional, educational, organized labor, governmental, artistic, religious, service or community organizations. Retired individuals are also considered.

The most important factor in selection is identifying those individuals most apt to utilize their leadership for the long-term benefit of the community. In reviewing applications, the Selection Committee looks for candidates who demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • A sincere commitment, motivation and interest to serve our region.
  • Genuine concern for the future of Oakland County and the region.
  • Potential for advancement to top leadership positions within their own organization.
  • Willingness and ability to make the time commitment required for the program.
  • The intention of seeking appointments to community boards, commissions or key volunteer leadership positions.
For additional information, contact Nancy Maurer, Leadership Oakland Executive Director, by phone: 248.952.6880 or email: nmaurer@leadershipoakland.com

Regular application deadline is May 25, 2016.
Download the application  or call 248-952-6880 for more information.

Join us for the Leadership Oakland FREE Cornerstone
 Information Breakfast to learn more about our Cornerstone
Wednesday, April 20, 2016
8:00am - 9:30am
MSU Management Education Center
811 W. Square Lake Rd,
Troy, MI
Anyone interested in potential participation in the LO Cornerstone Program
To meet alumni, board members, and current class members and learn why Leadership Oakland is important to them personally, professionally and publicly

There is no cost to attend but pre-registration is requested
Contact: Carol Dendler: cdendler@leadershipoakland.com or 
248.952.6880 x1 or register online.
Barbara McQuade, US Attorney for the Eastern District of MI, to Address
Oakland County Leaders During Final  Breakfast of Champions
April 27, 2016
Attorney McQuade is one fierce leader who has worked tirelessly on behalf of our community. She has prosecuted corrupt mayors,  fraudulent  doctors and even led the conviction of an Al-Qaeda operative who threatened our safety on Christmas Day. She's a wife, mother and leader who will share some of the  highlights  of her time in this role and encourage all of us to be strong, ethical community and business leaders.
Join Leadership Oakland for this year's final session of its highly popular Breakfast of Champions (BOC) series on April 27. The breakfasts are open to the public. The BOC  will be held at the MSU  Management Education Center, 811 W. Square Lake Road, Troy, MI 48098.
The cost is $32 for LO alumni association members and $36 for non-members and guests and includes a complete breakfast. Pre-registration required. To register, contact Carol Dendler at 248.952.6880 or register online.
Thank you to our BOC sponsors: HAP,  DTE Energy Foundation, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services and Northwestern Mutual
LO Happenings
  Taste of LO
A great time was had by all that joined us for networking, food, drinks, shopping and reuniting with classmates. We also enjoyed meeting new friends who came to get a 'Taste of LO'. Thank you to everyone who supported the event, participated in the auction and helped us celebrate our three Leaders of Leader Award winners. 
Thank you to our sponsors!
  Congratulations to our 2016 Leaders of Leader Award Winners
  Pictured: Nancy Maurer, LOXXV (LO Executive Director), Janet McPeek, LOIX (Public Leadership), Debra Hendren, LOXIX, ALI-3 (Professional Leadership), Scott Hiipakka, LOXVIII (Personal Leadership)
The Leader of Leader Awards identifies outstanding Alumni Association members with impressive achievements personally, professionally, and/or in their public lives.  Three winners are chosen each year because of their exemplary leadership contributions specifically to this region. Visit our website to learn more about this year's winners.
Member News

Congratulations to Sweet Dreamz and their Executive Director, Nancy  Maxw ell, LOXXVI for being showcased on the Dr. Oz show!  Read more

Support  Jordan Twardy, LOXXV and his 17th Annual
8MBA Leadership Luncheon  Friday, April 29, 2016 (11am-2pm)
COBO Center (Grand Ballroom). Visit website for more information.
Support  Carol Hofgartner, LOXVI  with the next Art Road event on May 12, 2016 (5pm-10pm).
to host an Evening of Kitchen & Cocktails
To benefit Art Road Nonprofit.  Visit website
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