December 13, 2018

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From PTO:  2019 Imagination and Inventors' Fair
SLP Community Education - Supporting Lifelong Learning
The Sandwich Project - Service Project             
4th Grade Student Leadership Team    
The 4 th Grade Student Leadership team has organized an All-School service project. On January 10-11 students will be assembling sandwiches, by classroom, for the homeless.  Click HERE for more information about the Sandwich Project. 
Monetary donations of $1 or $2 per student are needed to purchase the items to make the sandwiches.  Donations will be collected until Friday, December 21st.  
Click HERE if you are able and wish to make a larger donation. 
There will be collection envelopes in each classroom.  We are excited to give PSI students this opportunity to give to people in need.
Your Help NEEDED - Lunchroom        
No Experience Necessary!          

We need your help!  Ideally, we need 3 volunteers each day assisting staff to help make the cafeteria run smoothly.  No experience needed. 
Get on the C.A.S.E.!
C    = Cruise the room
A    = Assist students when they raise their hands
S    = Sanitize the tables
E    = Enjoy and have fun! 
Click HERE to sign-up electronically.  If you can't stay for the entire time, come as you are able.  We also love 'drop-in' help.   
¡Muchísimas Gracias!    
STEP Food Drive - THANK YOU!               
From Grade 5 Student Leadership Representatives      
Thank you PSI Families for donating food to STEP (St. Louis Park Emergency Program) during the holiday season.  We collected 646 pounds of food!
We appreciate your cooperation to help our community.  The 4th grade leadership team is currently working on another opportunity called, The Sandwich Project (see more information below).  We look forward to even more opportunities to improve our community.
Thank you,
5th Grade student leadership representatives (Audrey, Emma, Drew & Andrew) 
Math & Science Connection      
Beginning Edition       

Parents can help their child(ren) understand-and enjoy math & science. For instance, at school, your youngster is learning early algebra skills. With these ideas, he/she will enjoy playing with algebra after school, too. Working with patterns of objects will help your child see patterns in numbers-a basic principle of algebra.
Click HERE to link to this week's Math & Science BEGINNING edition.
Ready for Kindergarten?                
Information for the Class of 2032       
St. Louis Park Public Schools is excited to welcome the Class of 2032 to Kindergarten in the fall of 2019!  
The District recently printed and mailed a new 16-page Kindergarten Guide full of information for families who will have a kindergartener next fall. The information in the Guide is also available online on the school district website. To view and/or download the guide, please click HERE.  
Information in the Guide includes a welcome letter from Superintendent Osei, important dates, curriculum options at all schools, information about elementary school tours, immunization information, transportation information, and more.
Click HERE to view/download the School Board PSI Admission Policy (#545) 
STEP: St. Louis Park  
Emergency Program 
Holiday Food & Toy Registration by December 14th 
Families may register through TOMORROW, December 14th, for the STEP Holiday Toy Registration.  Infants up to 18 year olds living in your home in St. Louis Park are eligible for STEP's holiday gift program. 
For more information about STEP please visit their website at:   
Empowering Lives and Restoring Hope 
Donating to School Lunch Accounts       
Holiday Giving Idea        

In recent years, a holiday giving idea that has gained momentum on social media involves public school districts accepting donations to help families who have negative lunch account balances. Many families in the St. Louis Park Public School District struggle with this same problem.
Donations can be sent to the St. Louis Park Public Schools Nutrition Office, 6425 West 33rd Street, St. Louis Park, MN 55426.  Click HERE for more information.
If you have any questions you may contact Jodie Woelffer in the Nutrition Office at 952-928-6146 or
LeerATonResults NEW PTO Logo 2016-17                   
From PTO...
Leer-a-tón Results 
CONGRATULATIONS to the PSI STUDENT BODY for reaching the $22,000 Leer-a-tón fundraising goal. Way to go, readers! To celebrate this accomplishment, Sr. Maslowski and a team of staff will face-off in a basketball shootout against a team of students at a school assembly later this month.
Our first place winners for most minutes read are Jack M. from Sra. Martinson's class and Julian B. from Sra. Hoffman's class, both of whom won a one-year membership to the Science Museum of Minnesota. Our second place winners are Cooper R. from Sra. Martinson's class and Benjamin W. from Sra. Milián's class. They will receive a $50 gift certificate to the Works Museum or Vertical Endeavors.
Bravo Julian, Jack, Cooper, and Benjamin!
Winners for highest classroom participation are Sra. Wieber's kindergarten class and Sra. Urriche's 4th graders. They won an ice cream party.
THANK YOU to all who participated and donated funds to support PSI's Amity Program. You made this year's Leer-a-tón a big success!
PTOImagInvent NEW PTO Logo 2016-17                                                         
From PTO...             
17th Annual Imagination & Inventors' Fair     
The 17th annual Imagination & Inventors' Fair will take place on Tuesday, January 15, 2019.  Please mark your calendar!
Winter break is a perfect time to work with your student on an artistic, imagination, or science exploration project for the 2019 Fair!
Click HERE to register online by Friday, December 28th.  Hard copy registration forms are available in the school office.  Hard copy registration forms are due by Friday, December 21st (BEFORE winter break). 
For more information and project ideas, visit the PSI Imagination & Inventors' Fair  on the PTO website at:
LostandFound NEW PTO Logo 2016-17                   
From PTO...
Lost & Found 
The Lost & Found is filling up with jackets, sweatshirts, boots, gloves, water bottles, and more! Be sure to check it before winter break.  
A parent volunteer will bring usable items home over winter break, and will wash/donate to STEP any unclaimed items. 
A Festival of Song - Dec. 9th              
Featuring Cantaremos and Canta Conmigo     
More than 55 PSI singers from grades 1 - 4 joined in this special event, along with members of the Metropolitan Boys Choir to celebrate their fabulous work!
First and Second graders in Canta conmigo sang songs from Aghanistan and Israel, 
to New England and the Midwest. Third and Fourth graders in Cantaremos sang songs from Israel and Zimbabwe to the US.
We had a wonderful audience of proud families cheering us on. It was a great experience for us all!  Click HERE to view photos from the event. 
New sessions of Canta conmigo and Cantaremos begin in March. Contact Srta. Lamb for more information at:   
St. Louis Park Community Education
Your Lifelong Learning Starts Here!
The mission of St. Louis Park Community Education is to enhance the quality of life through lifelong learning and empowerment of people.

St. Louis Park Community Education is a department of St. Louis Park Public Schools. We support lifelong learning at every level, with programs for infants through senior citizens.

Programs offered include:  Birth-Five, Childcare, Youth, Adult, and Senior programming.

Click HERE for more information/how to register for SLP Community Education classes. 

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