Learning Gate News 2018-19
From the PTSA
Learning Gate Families,
I would just like to take a moment to thank the amazing group of PTSA volunteers we have that assisted in putting together Multicultural Night on 10/26 and the Fall Festival on 11/03, both were amazing events. From setting up the decorations to emptying the trash, each and every parent and student that volunteered is what makes the events run so smoothly!! I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I would like to also show some appreciation to our students who are part of the decorators club, the students met each Wednesday to make decorations for every event for the school and the PTSA. What an amazing bunch of students!! We still have a few spots open if there is anyone interested in joining.
Lastly, I would like to remind everyone to be on the lookout for the survey results for our Girl/VIP and Boy/VIP events.
Thank you and have an amazing week!!!
Jennifer Crooker
PTSA President
Festival Under the Trees - Photo Contest & Cookie Bake-Off
Thank you for all of the amazing entries for the annual Festival Under the Trees Photo Contest and Cookie Bake-Off! The judges had a challenging time to select the top entries!! The results of the contests are:

Cookie Contest!
PreK- 2 nd  Grade
1 st  Place:             Mashira & Teresa Gallegos         Chocolate Chip Cookies
2 nd  Place:           Josie Sauro                                 Peanut Butter Lions
3 rd  Place:            Delilah & Xander Freyder            Pumpkin Cheesecake Snickerdoodle
3 rd  – 5 th  Grade
1 st  Place:            Lillian Sulman                                Snickerdoodle Blondies
2 nd  Place:           Andrew Sauro                               Twix Thumbprints
3 rd  Place:           Indigo Larsen-Chaney                   May Contain Halloween Candy
6 th  – 8 th  Grade
1 st  Place:             Marina Stokes                               Big Chewy Cookie
2 nd  Place:           Naomi Vu-Robbins                         Mocha Macarons
3 rd  Place:             Cassidy Carman                           White Chocolate Pumpkin Snickerdoodles
1 st  Place:             Jessica Ancer                              Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Cookies
Photo Contest!

PreK – 2 nd  Grade
1 st  Place:            Teagan Goldstein
2 nd  Place:           Shelby Alvero
3 rd  Place:             Mya Winokur
Honorable Mentions:    Tiberius Counts, Becksley Zentmeyer, & Sophia Hsieh
3 rd  – 5 th  Grade
1 st  Place:             Ava Doty
2 nd  Place:            Matthew Lloyd
3 rd  Place:            Josephina Nolan
Honorable Mentions: Izzy Sanford, Connor Thames, Ryleigh Goldstein, Anthony Coniglio, Andrew Lloyd
6 th  – 8 th  Grade
1 st  Place:             Sammy Mizak
2 nd  Place:           August Doty
3 rd  Place:             Wyatt Bonnau
Honorable Mention:      Gigi Vega, Sophia Martin
1 st  Place:            Ms. Greenlaw
2 nd  Place:           Laura Quade
3 rd  Place:            Ivan Bonnau
Honorable Mention:      Phillip Beard, JoAnna Bonnau

*1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize winners have been awarded a free dress day! 

November LG 53 Winners
Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteers needed in the lunchroom in Heron Hall Tues-Fri 11/13-11/16 from 10:30-1. Please email Chef Jill if you can lend a hand! Jill@learninggate.org

Garden Party Volunteers Needed
Holiday House Volunteers Needed

Winter Shopping Bazaar & Glee Showcase
 Thursday Dec 13th is our Winter Shopping Bazaar & Glee Showcase! We need help with set up, help during the event, and clean up after. We need adult & student volunteers (NJHS/Student Council)
10 Volunteers are needed:
from 3:30-5:30
from 5-8
from 4-8
from 6-8

Are You Crafty? Please join the Crafty Crew Group!
Are graphics your thing? Please join the Graphic Gurus Group!
Want to build items for LG? Please join the Carpenter Crew!
Are you a baking master? Please join our Baking Bunch Group!
At home & day of volunteer opportunities!
Community Canned Food Drive
Learning Gate is participating in a canned food drive to help the community throughout the year. Any of these items can be dropped off to any K, 1 or 2 classrooms.
Aftercare Information
Air Potato Contest
2018 - 2019 Air Potato Contest Results:
Thank you to all the classes for your hard work during this year's contest. With everyone's combined efforts, we were able to remove 8,594 air potatoes from the LG campus.
The class that removed the most for each grade level receives a free dress day! Ms. Alyson's class collected the most potatoes (1,729) during the contest. 
Here are the results by grade level:
Kindergarten:  Ms. Jessica
First Grade:      Ms. Becky           
Second Grade: Ms. Alisa
Third Grade:      Ms. Leslie
Fourth Grade:   Ms. C
Fifth Grade:       Ms. Alyson
Holiday House
Garden Party
Thank you to our vendors for supporting our Garden Party!
Risse Brothers Uniforms
Heron Outfitters
InterState Studios
King & Walker CPA
Lost & Found
 Please check lost and found before break!
Lunch Information
Volunteers needed in the lunchroom in Heron Hall Tues-Fri 11/13-11/16 from 10:30-1!
Please email Chef Jill if you can lend a hand!  Jill@learninggate.org
Lunch Accounts/Ordering:
Food Service Contact:   jill@learninggate.org
Monthly Menu : November Menu

Kona Ice on Hanna campus: last Friday of the month: 11/30, 12/14
Kona Ice on Lutz Lake Fern campus: first Friday of the month: 12/7
Volunteer During Lunches
Hanna Campus — 10:45am–1:15pm
Lutz Lake Fern Campus — 10:50am–12:30pm
No sign up necessary, please just come in!
3 shifts = one free dress pass
Family and friends welcome!
Library Volunteers
We need assistance during the times classes are coming in and out of the library. Volunteers will work the circulation desk for checking books in and out, assist the children with locating books, light cleaning, and shelf returned books. Opportunities available throughout the school year!
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