January 18, 2020
Stubborn Fat? What you may not know...
Leptin is a hormone very important for maintaining a healthy weight...
Some people aren't making enough, others are making plenty but are not sensitive to it. This can contribute to a propensity to gain weight and difficulty losing weight.

One tip-off that you might be leptin resistant is not feeling full after eating plenty. What to do?
First, willpower matters...
I hesitated to use this photo, because I do not want to imply that everyone who is overweight is a junk-food junky! However, in addition to realizing you don't need more food just because you didn't get the "I'm full" signal from your brain due to leptin insensitivity, the foods you choose will make a difference when it comes to reaching your fat loss goals. Below are GOOD choices...

You may not feel full even though you are full due to leptin resistance, so you have to act on what you know, not on what you feel ...

Insulin and leptin resistance are core factors in obesity, which in turn is a risk factor for cancer and may boost tumor growth. But the answer lies not in a pill. To reverse insulin and leptin resistance:
  • Avoid, sugar, fructose, grains, and processed foods
  • Eat a healthful diet of whole foods, ideally organic, and replace the grain carbs with:
  • No-to-low sugar and grain carbs
  • Low-to-moderate amount of protein 
  • As much highly quality healthful fat as you want (saturated and monosaturated). Most people need upwards of 50-70 percent fats in their diet for optimal health. Good sources include coconut and coconut oil, avocados, butter, nuts, and animal fats. Also take a high-quality source of animal-based omega-3 fat, such as krill oil

Dietary supplements that can help...
Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a fatty acid found in grassfed butter and beef. It decreases leptin levels while helping increase leptin sensitivity. CLA also helps shrink fat cells. CLA works with EGCg , a constituent in green tea that burns fat. I've chosen here one that contains an adequate percentage of EGCg for this purpose. Finally, l-carnitine is an amino acid that helps increase leptin sensitivity and helps convert fat to energy.
General Instructions for this Protocol
  NATUREWISE CLA 1250 – 1 capsule


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