Wrap-Up the School Year
As you prepare to wrap-up the 2020 - 2021 school year we want to take a minute to say THANK YOU!

Your creativity, dedication and perseverance this year has been inspiring!!

We know this school year has stretched all of us as we worked to bring our communities together in new and different ways and advocate for improved resources all while also helping our own children navigate an unusual school year.

Here's a quick list of the things you should check-on as you prepare to transition into a new school year or to a new PTA Board.

If you need help or support, please contact your District Director.
Submit Contact Information
DUE: No later than June 15th

Submitting contact information for your 2021-2022 PTA Executive Board not only enables Virginia PTA to maintain your tax-exempt status, but it also ensures your new officers and committee chairs receive important communication, training opportunities and helpful resources.

ALL PTAs should use their free MemberHub account to submit contact information for all elected officers, committee chairs and the school principal.

Even if it is your second term, you must provide officer contact information for the new school year. 

This happens from time to time. It's okay. You should still provide the contact information for ALL officers and committee chairs that have been elected or appointed as of June 15th. 

Your nominating committee should keep working through the summer to identify candidates for open positions. In the late summer or fall when your General Membership elects an officer for the open position, you can update the contact information in MemberHub following the election.

NOTE: You can update officer information through-out the school year if you fill a vacancy or need to change an email address. However, after June 30, past year officer information cannot be updated or removed.
Membership List & Dues
Please verify that you submitted all dues for members who joined during the 2020-2021 school year.

Dues may be submitted electronically via MemberHub by sending an ACH payment.

Membership lists are automatically submitted to Virginia PTA if you are selling Memberships in MemberHub.

If your PTA does not use MemberHub to sell memberships, you must upload and submit your membership list to Virginia PTA using your PTA's free MemberHub Account.

Submitting dues and members on-time helps your PTA stay in Good Standing, allows your PTA to qualify for grants and awards, and enables your families to participate in student programs like Reflections.

Financial Review & Tax Filing
Bylaws Review
Virginia PTA's Bylaws Committee is working on a new uniform local unit bylaws template.

IF you are scheduled for a 5-year Bylaws review this year, PLEASE WAIT!

We have a new template and simpler process coming soon!!
Set-Up MemberHub
Virginia PTA provides MemberHub to all local units and councils free of charge

MemberHub is an online relationship management tool and phone app designed to help you run your PTA, connect with your families AND support the submission of all annual compliance materials to Virginia PTA.

MemberHub helps you:

  • Update officer and committee chair contact information
  • Submit your financial review, tax filing, proof of insurance and membership list to Virginia PTA
  • Sell Memberships on-line
  • Pay State Membership Dues on-line
  • Connect with families through a school directory, on-line school store, volunteer sign-up and school calendar.
  • Host a PTA website
  • Earn money from Giveback offers and a robust fundraising platform

MemberHub is rolling out an updated dashboard (MemberHub 21). Please sign-up for an upcoming webinar to learn more about MemberHub's features & functionality.
Renew Your Insurance
PTA activities can create liability and put you at risk for loss due to theft, injury, property damage and many other issues. To protect yourself and your PTA, and in accordance with your bylaws, your PTA must purchase annual insurance.

All PTAs must provide proof of insurance coverage by updating the compliance tab in MemberHub.

Two popular insurance companies are AIM and R.V. Nuccio. Please request a quote to obtain coverage that best meets the needs of your PTA.
Summer Leadership Training
Join us on-line through-out the summer to get inspired and share ideas with other PTA leaders.
Sponsor Spotlight
For more than twenty years, Virginia529 has helped millions of families plan and save for future college expenses. 

Virginia529 is a proud sponsor of Virginia PTA and can be a resource to your school!

They would love to:

路 Attend your school鈥檚 upcoming event.
路 Send you materials like brochures to share with families.
Provide social media content for you to share.
路 Schedule a personalized VA529 or ABLEnow session with a live Q&A.
路 Create a new custom experiences. Send them your ideas!

Virginia 529's participation is always absolutely free. They can provide links, messaging, and everything you need to get the word out. They are currently hosting virtual and in-person events! You can request any of these resources online or via a direct email to Virginia 529.