I missed you last month of May, I was out working with clients and looking for content. I was taken by the number of things to bring you. It is clear to me that the content I want to share deals with seniors and their adult children. So see below with the first of several topics to come. Take a look👀

Hi Mickelin, 

My Friend Ann is building her life NOW and making her own decisions. She searched and found her best life at Fremont Hills Retirement Community, Fremont, Ca. She gives a brief testimony as she enjoys the band in the background, oh yeah with a glass of wine. YOUGOGIRL



Check out these Rockers that prove it, it will make you laugh then think of YOUR possibilities 😎

Real talk from a Probate Specialist

John's fight for Justice

John's fight for justice has been a battle in the Alameda court system for 3 long years protesting the moratorium, which favors tenants. Read his story and his efforts to recover and expose the travesties that exist against people of color and our seniors, who are most vulnerable.

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