Dear Friends and Supporters,

Welcome to the fourth stop on our Listen for Lent Journey, which encourages each of us to take pause and listen for the prophetic voices around us on different themes at the heart of Pax Christi's mission. This week we invite you to meditate on justice.

Pax Christi International firmly believes in and steadfastly works for justice. Justice for all and of all kinds. Our ultimate goal is peace, but we can only achieve it through the fair and equitable flourishing of all Creation.

As Pope Francis once said, "Peace must be built on justice, on integral human development, on respect for human rights, on the protection of creation."

God is still speaking justice, will you listen?
Sunday's reflection by Sister Teresia Wamũyũ Wachira (IBVM)
Reflecting on today’s Gospel; the parable of the prodigal son (Lk; 15:11-32), the father exemplifies what mercy, compassion and true justice looks like. His self-indulgent younger son gets his inheritance and wastes it all on a reckless life; but, this father waits with a nonjudgmental heart, patiently and longing for him to return home. On the other hand, the father assures the elder jealous, harsh judging and self-righteous son of his just share of this inheritance and his unconditional love. Furthermore, when the prodigal son returns home the father organizes a festive homecoming, invites all including his elder son who is reluctant, and in this act restores the dignity of not only the prodigal son but the elder son who is consumed by jealousy and condemnation. This response to the two sons’ behaviour challenges us to reflect on what is essential in life, that is - a just, compassionate, forgiving and reconciling heart. How true and deep, the wisdom in Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince, that, “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; [for] what is essential is invisible to the eye.” God’s heart is hurting, yearning, longing for our homecoming and lays no conditions to our return. Today, God invites us to outstretch our arms and hearts to also reach out to the prodigal sons and daughters among us, that they may experience true justice, mercy, and compassion and are not deprived of their rights and dignity. “We are ambassadors for Christ” (2Cor. 5:20).
Join us next week for the fifth stop!