Dear Friends of Pax Christi International,

Welcome to the second stop on our Listen for Lent Journey, which encourages each of us to take pause and listen for the prophetic voices around us on different themes at the heart of Pax Christi's mission.

This week we invite you to meditate on reconciliation. Since its foundation, Pax Christi's goal has been promoting reconciliation and just peace, which are closely related. For a society that has lived through war or other violent conflicts, reconciliation helps resolve the tension between a destructive past and a peaceful future; it is fundamental to finding a way to live in lasting peace. 

As Pope Francis once said, "Reconciliation is consolidated by the contribution of all. It enables us to build the future and makes hope grow."

God is still speaking reconciliation, will you listen?
Sunday's reflection by Sister Teresia Wamũyũ Wachira (IBVM)
This Sunday, our reflection is on the Gospel of Luke 9:28-36; the Transfiguration of Jesus that happened when he had gone to the mountain to pray with his three disciples. During this time the disciples had different experiences.
Let us reflect on these experiences and link them to our own lives …
“They were heavy with sleep” – What is the ‘heavy sleep’ that blinds me from facing my pain and others’ pain … How do I respond to the ‘heavy sleep’ of indifference, omission, and lukewarmness towards my call to discipleship?
“… It is wonderful for us to be here” - Which is my ‘safe space’ that God is inviting me to let go in order to respond to the brokenness of the people in my neighbourhood, community, world?
"…when they went into the cloud the disciples were afraid" - What fears do I experience that hinder me from embracing the cross of misunderstanding, hurt and failure in reconciling people to each other and to God? 
"… A voice came from the cloud saying, “This is my Son, the Chosen One. Listen to him” - How do I become attentive and respond to Jesus who came to reconcile the world through his own suffering and death on a cross? 
Today, let us listen to God’s voice and not harden our hearts.
Join us next week for the third stop!