Live Stream Classes


Please take a moment to answer our 5 questions survey 
regarding Live Stream Classes.


It's simple:

Access MindyBody via the HHF or PP websites

1) SIGN IN or create an account.

2) COMMIT to a class or group of classes.
2) CHOOSE your subscription.

        1 Class $10 (exp. 1 week)
       1 Week $18                
            5 Classes $45 (exp. 30 days)
  1 Month $65           

Click links above or in MidBody
 Subscription activates with the first class.

3) And BOOK.

You will receive a confirmation email from FitGrid 
for your Live Stream Class reservation.

The class link will arrive one hour prior to class 
at the email address you provide.
(Or when you reserve your spot if less than 1 hour notice.)

The online scheduling feature cuts out at the start of the class. 
 Please reserve your spot in advance.


All HHF/PP memberships and packages are on suspension as of 3/16/20.
All missed time will be honored. 
Live Stream Classes are separate from any other package.

Mind Body has been deferring to members suspension status for booking. 
 While we sort this out, if you have any problems booking, please don't hesitate to email us.


Questions about booking or memberships?

Interested in virtual personal training or pilates?



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