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EMSCULPT: Are you unhappy with stubborn fat that is resistant to diet an exercise? Is bulge in your abdomen keeping you from reaching your body goals? Stubborn fat and a lack of muscle definition is a common occurrence for many people. At Lazur La Vie, it is our main goal to help our guests achieve their aesthetic desires using the latest, most innovative treatments. If you are searching for a non-invasive and effective treatment for both eliminating fat and sculpting your muscles, the revolutionary EmSculpt treatments could benefit you.
EMSELLA: A woman’s body goes through many changes as she ages and goes through different phases of life. The most common complaint that women have, especially after giving birth, is urinary incontinence. Not feeling like you have full control over your bladder can be frustrating and even unsettling. Incontinence may be unavoidable for many women, but it doesn’t have to become your normal way of life. BTL EMSELLA offers a completely non-invasive way to treat incontinence in the comfort of our Laser Centre.
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FDA CLEARED PLASMA ENERGY DEVICE for one-of-a-kind skin resurfacing. Experience the POWER of PLASMA SPARKS!
Opus Plasma is the first-of-its-kind Radio Frequency skin resurfacing technology that uses Plasma Sparks to dramatically improve the skin’s tone and texture.
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The visible signs of aging, including dark spots and skin laxity, can sometimes be difficult to treat simultaneously – and that goes double when you have age-related concerns on your body, as well. When it comes to treating all of your aesthetic concerns at once, relying on the advancement of technology is a good place to start. At Lazur La Vie in Nyack, NY, we are pleased to offer Morpheus8 Skin Tightener, your all-in-one complete solution for face and body remodeling.

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