#LowcountryFirst Newsletter | February 5th, 2021
Congress Needs to Stop Wasting Time and Do Their Jobs
I hoped to spend this past week working in DC with my colleagues on the most pressing issues Americans are facing today, including: a new COVID-19 relief package, getting our kids back to school, and boosting vaccine distribution. 
But unfortunately, I wasn't able to spend nearly enough time on these crucial challenges. 
Our time on YOUR dime was wasted talking about the loudest, most unhinged voices in the room. Frankly, this week in Washington was like watching an episode of Jerry Springer.  
To be clear, the embrace of QAnon, conspiracy theories, or any other extreme, racist, bigoted, or violent views will always get a forceful condemnation from me. Like many of you, I firmly believe such toxic rhetoric and behavior has absolutely zero place in America, let alone in Congress. I've condemned Members who peddle this lunacy, no matter their party, at every opportunity.  
I am tired of wasting the time you pay me to use to address the serious challenges facing our nation. It’s past-time to prioritize the needs of everyday hard-working Americans. It’s time to get to work.
Congresswoman Nancy Mace
News of Note
Congresswoman Mace took to Fox News to speak out against the media spin surrounding Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez's account of the Capitol Riots and AOC's attacks against her.

On Tuesday, ABC News 4 sent over a spreadsheet with all the information necessary to Rep. Nancy Mace, who said she would be in touch with those taxpayers within 24 hours. So how are things now? She said her team reached out to 75 taxpayers on the first day, and even on Friday, they were still working for these taxpayers to figure out their status for the tax refunds and stimulus checks.

Congresswoman Nancy Mace spoke with Nancy Brinker on Newsmax to talk about her path to Congress and the historic number of Republican women who now sit in Congress.

Mace on the Move
Lt. General Eric Smith, USMC stopping by my office to discuss the future of the Marine Corps, with Oreo!
Flying aboard a C-17 out of Joint Base Charleston in honor of the C-17 fleet's 4 millionth flight hour.
Being Social