#LowcountryFirst Newsletter | February 13th, 2021
My First 30 Days
This week marked my first 30 days in Congress. While it certainly didn't start off how I would've expected, I've learned a lot already and am hard at work for all of you.

On Wednesday, I was able to draw attention to the lack of infrastructure needed to rapidly deploy the COVID-19 vaccine in the Lowcountry and across America. Many elderly citizens and rural communities don't have the stable Internet connection needed to schedule vaccinations online. Even when they do, we lack the cold-storage facilities needed to keep large amounts of the vaccine nearby to meet demand.

You can watch my full testimony before the Transportation & Infrastructure Committee here or below:
I'm happy to say I've received commitments from colleagues on both sides of the aisle to work with me to address this issue as part of legislation to help our nation finally beat COVID-19 once and for all.
But, at almost every step of my committee work, I watched amendment after amendment get shut down. Most of us were there to work, to do our duty to help the American people fight COVID-19 without bankrupting the next generation. But, the higher powers simply weren't interested in hearing our thoughts.
Instead, they were committed to funneling over $350 billion to states to supposedly cover "revenue shortfalls", all while those states haven't even spent all of the $150 billion Congress sent them last year. This isn't about helping states fight COVID-19. It's about forcing all of us to bail out state governments who refused to cut spending on useless programs and focus on COVID relief.
To top it all off, countless children across America are suffering academically, physically, and emotionally from school closures. The data and science informs us, when precautions are taken, schools can and should be a safe place to learn. Parents should have every opportunity to educate them at home or at school; it should be their choice. 
The Lowcountry cannot afford Congress to waste another second. Countless Americans are struggling to support themselves and their families, and Washington is failing them. I'm committed to working hard to help Washington roll up it's sleeves and get busy working to defeat COVID-19 and rebuild our nation.
Congresswoman Nancy Mace
News of Note
ABC News 4 fielded more than 150 calls, texts and emails from viewers about similar issues and sent them over to Rep. Nancy Mace's office. Mace reached out to the IRS, and now, some people are gaining clarity to reasons why and even a couple checks have came in the mail.

When COVID-19 first reared its ugly head in the United States last spring, we immediately closed schools, with no knowledge of how it would affect our children. Over the course of the last year, kids needing mental health counseling jumped dramatically, with emergency rooms seeing a 24% increase in mental health-related visits from children ages 5 to 11 compared to last year. These aren’t just statistics. I’m seeing it firsthand.

Rep. Mace sat down with Elisha Krauss to discuss gains she thinks the GOP can make in the midterms, how hell week at The Citadel is similar to her first weeks in Congress, and why she thinks she and her colleagues should be able to carry guns at the Capitol.

Mace on the Move
Touring ProPac's warehouse in Charleston, where they help companies and governments across the nation prepare for emergency situations
Speaking with Lowcountry leaders at SC Beach Advocates' 2021 Annual Meeting
Metting with Sullivan's Island Mayor Patrick O'Leary to discuss challenges facing the town
Being Social