#LowcountryFirst Newsletter | April 25th, 2021
Restarting Our Economy and Incentivizing Work

As part of my commitment to serve those who served all of us, I introduced a bipartisan bill which will support members of our military who have been sexually assaulted while serving their country. When our men and women in uniform are violated or abused, it's our duty to ensure they have what they need to heal.
I also co-sponsored bipartisan legislation to put the United States at the forefront of the "Trillion Trees Initiative." The Trump administration wholeheartedly supported this effort, and I think it's vital to maintain this commitment to protect our future. The Lowcountry stands to lose the most if we fail to protect our environment, and this project gives our country a huge head-start on meeting this challenge.

While I'm optimistic about these efforts, I'm concerned about recent moves we've seen from the administration. Their $2.3 trillion "infrastructure" package hasn't even come up for a vote in Congress yet, but they're already rolling out even more trillion-dollar spending schemes.

The far-left re-introduced the $93 trillion "Green New Deal" this week, just before the Biden administration announced a $1 trillion "American Families Plan." Both are stuffed to the gills with socialist dream items which empower government rather than families.

At the same time, businesses across the Lowcountry and across the country are finding it impossible to hire desperately needed workers because Washington is paying millions of Americans not to work.

If we want to help families, we need to get our economy back to where it was before the pandemic. This means reopening schools, incentivizing people to return to work, and stopping the endless spending of money we don't have on schemes which only take power away from the American people.

Congresswoman Nancy Mace
Case of the Week
Mr. Clawson of Goose Creek was in desperate need of home healthcare assistance. He would soon be released from in-patient care to return home, but had no one there to assist him. He reached out to our office and we were able to help connect the dots with the appropriate VA officials. He is now back home receiving the skilled nursing care he needs.

“Please thank my congresswoman, Nancy Mace, for looking out for me!"
News of Note
Politicians want us to believe the only way to protect the environment is to sacrifice our right to make choices for ourselves, that the free market is simply incapable of preserving nature. South Carolina’s Lowcountry proves this simply isn’t the case.

Politicians in Washington are paying millions of Americans to stay home and not work, and that’s exactly what they’re doing.

Working in Washington
Congresswoman Nancy Mace (SC-01) joined Rep. Anthony Delgado (NY-19) to introduce a bipartisan bill which establishes a peer support program at the Veterans Benefits Administration for survivors of Military Sexual Trauma.

Congresswoman Nancy Mace (SC-01) this week co-sponsored legislation to prohibit federal funds from being used to create or enforce a system of "vaccine passports."

Mace on the Move
Visiting students at Fort Dorchester in Charleston to tell them about the 2021 Congressional Art Competition!
Wishing Lt. Col. (ret.) Sam Mulrain of Hilton Head Island a Happy 104th Birthday on the House Floor
Accepting our office's Marine Corps Seal from Colonel Maura Hennigan, along with Daisy, one of our most important staffers
Being Social