#LowcountryFirst Newsletter | April 11th, 2021
Vaccine "Passports" and Your Liberty

The time when we should be most on guard against loss of freedom is during a crisis. The latest attempt by government comes in the form of a vaccine “passport” system, in which you will have to prove your vaccine status in order to travel or do everyday activities in public.
My colleagues and I sent a letter on Wednesday to President Joe Biden urging him to oppose the use of vaccine passports at any level, in any form.
This week I also co-sponsored bipartisan legislation to remove burdensome federal rules which keep young Americans from getting jobs in the trucking industry.

Nearly every single state allows individuals to get a trucking license at age 18, but federal law prohibits them from driving across state lines. This arbitrary rule stops young Americans from pursuing a career in trucking, forcing many to take on tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt to instead pursue an advanced degree. Our bill removes this burdensome regulation.
Finally, a friendly reminder: My office is accepting submissions for the 2021 Congressional High School Art Competition until April 30th. Be sure to get your artwork in ASAP!

Congresswoman Nancy Mace
News of Note
The time when we should be most on guard against this loss of freedom is during a crisis. We have lost freedoms to government power in times of war, for example. From internment camps to the Sedition Act, from rations to the Patriot Act, those who desire more power over your lives in government will never let a crisis go to waste.

Congresswoman Nancy Mace spoke to ABC's Nightline about the challenges she's faced and her past experiences which led to her being part of the most diverse Congress in U.S. history.

Working in Washington
Congresswoman Nancy Mace (SC-01) and over two dozen lawmakers on Wednesday penned a letter to the Biden administration strongly opposing plans to roll out a "vaccine passport" system across the country.

Congresswoman Nancy Mace (SC-01) this week co-sponsored legislation to lift arbitrary age restrictions preventing commercial drivers from crossing state lines. The bill, called the Developing Responsible Individuals for a Vibrant Economy (DRIVE) Safe Act, would also improve safety and training through a rigorous apprenticeship program for drivers between 18 and 20 years old.

Congresswoman Nancy Mace (SC-01) and members of the South Carolina congressional delegation recently penned a letter strongly opposing the use of vaccine passports in the state.

Mace on the Move
Touring The Citadel's brand new school of business building with the dean, Dr. Michael Weeks.
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