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We have started this new academic year with new students, new courses, and a new sense of our mission in the world. It is exciting as we look to the future for LSPS and for global ministry.  In this edition of Table Talk you will read articles describing several summer courses or events:  Intensives I and II and the three-week Summer Course. These continue to be popular courses and we have many participants from across the United States. As demographics change and there is an increase in the Hispanic population, the need grows for church leaders to become familiar with the Spanish language and an understanding of Hispanic culture. Through course work which centers on theology and culture, music, dance, and special presentations, students leave with a well-rounded understanding for ministry in their communities.
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As you enjoy this edition of Table Talk may you celebrate with us in all newness and excitement!
¡Que la gracia y la paz de Dios sea con Ustedes!
Together in Mission for the Sake of the Life of the World!

Rev. Dr. Elizabeth (Liz) Stein

Graduation Day

On May 12, St. Matthew's Episcopal Church, Austin with the Bishop of Washington, Rt. Rev. Mariann Edgar Budde as the preacher.

Our graduate Sue Irvin & Bishop Ray Tiemann, Southwestern Texas Synod.
Graduation Dinner with graduated student, Bishop of SWT Synod, family and friends.
Summer Immersion 2015
Spanish Language and Hispanic Ministry Intensive I: Spanish Language and Hispanic Ministry summer intensive 2015 was a huge success again! We will offer it again in 2016. Professors Gina, Jay, Eliseo, musician Lynette, and others will participate.

The Intensive is a resource for Lutherans and those of other denominations who recognize the growing need for competency in the Spanish language and an understanding of Hispanic culture in light of the increasing Hispanic population in this country and in the church. The course focuses on the study of the Spanish language and on different aspects of Hispanic culture, ranging from cuisine to dancing. Twenty-seven individuals from ten states participated including one Lutheran Bishop!

Participants in the Intensive 2015 - Pray that the Spirit will bless the participants with insight and epiphanies of understanding until the whole world shares the Pentecost story with us!  

Classes with Dr. Jay at Intensive I

Preaching in Spanish with Dr. Gina Musselman at Intensive II

Salsa Lessons at Intensive I

Making new friends at Intensives

We experienced a moving performance by a 5th generation descendant of one of the Tejano/Mexicans who died at the battle of the Alamo in 1836. She was a poet, artist, actress, historian, person of faith who told and enacted the story of her great-great-grandparents who witness and die at the famous battle. It was the story as told from yet another perspective, by the ones who did not get to write the textbooks of Texas history and Hollywood films.

So too here at LSPS we met each other as strangers on Sunday and leave as the new friends through whom Christ revealed his epiphanies!  But first Fiesta to night "; y a Diosito sea toda la Gloria!"  Thanks to the Ballet Folklorico of Akins High School.

Building Congregational Capacity for Hispanic Ministry:  Mision en Comunidad/Mission in Community (Intensive II)
Participants in Level II Intensive, presenters, students, and musicians.
 A second intensive was added in June 2015 with fourteen students from nine states in attendance. What a wonderful week led by Rev. Ruben Duran with guests sharing models for Hispanic Ministry. This Intensive is designed for congregational leaders in those congregations where consideration is being given to starting Hispanic Ministry in their community. 

The focus in this Intensive was not only to increase one's understanding of liturgical Spanish but also to increase one's capacity for doing Hispanic ministry,  learn several models for engaging in 
Musicians leading and teaching the wide variety of styles of music.
ministry and to build a cohort 
of colleagues preparing for Hispanic ministry.

This intensive will be offered again, June 12 - June 17, 2016.

Learn more!
Summer Term Immersion
Hispanic Summer M.Div. Concentration
This class explored biblical principles and theological tools for ministry, research results and key resources to equip ELCA and ecumenical leaders to facilitate processes of development of new and existing communities of faith that reflect and respect the diversity of Latino communities and the cross-cultural nature of our emerging North American context.  We thank God for the kindness of these Hispanic families in Austin and Round Rock, who hosted our three students from Wartburg.
Welcome New Students!
Student Sergio Amaya is serving ItIglesia Luterana San Andres, a redeveloped congregation in South Omaha, NE and shares the following story.  I was born in a country whose nickname is "the Tom Thumb of America," El Salvador. I was born to a very Christian family of seven members in the year 1971. A few years later, in the 1980s, my country started to go through a civil war. During the subsequent decades, this life experience of growing up amid a bellicose conflict left a mark on me and made an impact on my life of faith. I know that the goal of the mission is to bring together all human beings at the table of the Lord. From this viewpoint, the first missionary act of the Church would simply be to become true witnesses with our lives. The final aim of the mission would be to make everyone participants in the communion that exists between the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. I am a married man, father of three children. I have a job with which I support my family. They currently live in El Salvador. I understand that a Christian servant is a missionary mainly for who they are as members of a Church that intensely lives the truth in love, rather than for what they say or do. Therefore, I admit that the sole mission of the Church has two different but unbreakable components: announcing the Gospel in the light of a new evangelization and human development. 

José Francisco Salvador is serving at Santa Maria de Guadalupe Lutheran Church in Irving, TX and shares the following story. My name is Jose Francisco Salvador Maldonado. I was born on the 4th of June 1971, in El Salvador (Central America). I am the third of seven brothers. In 1979 is when I was baptized, made my first communion and my confirmation. Seeing the rich get richer and the poor get poorer prompted me to collaborate with the FMLN. In 1986 I began to pursue a bachelor in Humanities and Philosophy. In November 1989, I graduated with honors and received a medal of merit and was accepted into Law School. I met Elvira de la Paz, who is now my wife and mother of my two children, Alejandra and Rhina. We immigrated to the USA but in 1996 after an agreement of peace was reached between the guerrillas and the government of El Salvador we went back. My second daughter was born in 1997 and we returned to the USA.  We began worshipping at Santa Maria of Guadalupe. My daughters received the sacraments and were confirmed. I completed the Lay Academy and in 2010 I was authorized as a SAWL by bishop Kanouse. This has been a journey of spiritual growth for all of us.

Student Alvaro Nova Ochoa is serving in Comunidad de Esperanza Lutheran Church in Tulsa, OK and shares the following words. During my childhood, I can very clearly remember my joy and desire to be involved in the rituals during Lent, Holy Week, Easter, Advent and Christmas. I made the decision to enter the seminary and to prepare for the priesthood. While in the seminary, I had the opportunity to do mission work and studies in Mexico, Ecuador, Costa Rica, and several other Central American countries. Reaching the United States in late 2001, I had the opportunity to meet the archbishop of the Old Catholic Church of America and, after a time, I was ordained a priest and was appointed to develop the first Wisconsin Latino Old Catholic congregation in the  history of this church. Three years ago, I began to feel the need in my heart to develop my faith. I was part of an interfaith group in Milwaukee and I met four Lutheran pastors who particularly intrigued me as they talked about their faith journeys and the theology of their churches. I began to visit several of the Lutheran congregations and discovered that the Lutheran church had the message of inclusivity.  In April, 2014, I began my new journey in Tulsa, working on completing the requirements to become a Lutheran minister that will specifically (although not exclusively) serve the Latino community.  I have been charged by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) to develop "Comunidad de Esperanza".  

Student Maria Cabello Salomón is serving at Pueblo de Dios Lutheran Church in Sioux Falls, SD and shares the following story. I am from Mexico from the state of Guanajuato in the center of the country. I am married with three kids. My husband is from the same town. We met when we moved to the United States. We moved to Sioux Falls, South Dakota from Oklahoma City in 2000. In 2007, we met Irma Rodriguez, who was a kind and marvelous Lutheran pastor. She introduced us to more wonderful Lutheran pastors who spoke fluent Spanish such as Jeanette Clark. She served the Latino community in Sioux Falls. We enjoyed worship in Spanish. I was assigned the readings. I would also cook my mother's rich Mexican recipes after worship. After three years, she asked me if I wanted to be a pastor. Now I have taken four classes. Thanks to these classes, I have learned so much about Martin Luther. Most importantly, thanks to God I have the opportunity to share what I have learned with my community. I have started leading services and I am able to use my knowledge to improve my sermons. This is my story. Thank you for your support. I thank God because God has blessed me with all of you. ¡Muchas gracias! 
Fall Table Talk Time!      
Alumni News

Rev. Doris Dupree Harris, '90 celebrated her ordination with a big celebration at St. John's Lutheran Church that celebrated not only 50 years of ministry but 65 years of service in south Dallas. Pastors Rod and Nancy Maeker were present for the festivities as well as former members of St. John's and friends of Pr. Doris from all over the United States. The Maekers were instrumental in guiding Pr. Harris toward seminary. 
Pastor Brad Otto, '05 celebrated his 10th anniversary of ordination on August 2 at Messiah Lutheran Church, Cypress, Texas. Dr. Jay was invited to deliver reflections on Pastors Brad's ministry.

Rev. Sue Irvin, '05 celebrated her Ordination and Installation on July 11 at St. Paul Lutheran Church- Nordheim, Texas.

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Upcoming Events
January 26
Alumni dinner at the Tri-Synodical Conference in Arlington

June 12-17
Building Hispanic Congregations Intensive II with Pr. Rubén Durán 

TEEM  & Certificate students at Summer classes
classesIt is time to register for these upcoming classes:
Old Testament I with Dr. Esther 

New Testament I (in Spanish) with Dr. Leticia Guardiola-Saenz 

JTerm Border Immersion 

CAPSTONE class with Dr. Jay Alanis 

Pastoral Arts with Rev. Armin Steege 

Lutheran Confessions (in Spanish) with Rev. Jim Fowler 

May 29- June 17
Summer Term Immersion 

May 29 - June 3
Spanish Language & Hispanic Ministry Intensive I 

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