"The earth is [ His]  and everything in it, the world, 
and all who live in it." Psalm 24:1 NIV

Sharee Pfaff
Heroes of the Week

Lisa Bahadoor
Congratulations to this week's Heroes Sharee and Lisa. We hope you enjoy your up-close parking spot. 
Celebrating Sharee Pfaff, Maker Ed Facilitator
Sharee is a consistent team player. She is creative and is always working to help the students to think. She has helped make MakerSpace into a class where kids thrive and love to come to each week. 

Sharee is an All-Star and a Hero!
Celebrating Lisa Bahadoor, Associate Development Manager
Lisa, you are truly a gift to everyone who has the pleasure of getting to know you! You work so hard to ensure that MCS always looks amazing during events and you are such a great support to the advancement team! You are loved and we are so grateful for you and all the work you do on campus! We say thank you!!! Enjoy your elementary hero parking spot on campus next week, we celebrate you! From an Anonymous Fan...

I would like to nominate a sweet quiet servant, Lisa Bahadoor. She has put her festive holiday touches around the place for all staff to enjoy as they relax during breaks. She works to keep our kitchen area clean and tidy (without being asked :). All this while being an amazing powerhouse to create events, support advancement endeavors and show the LOVE of Christ to all who encounter her. Her sweet spirit, gentle voice of encouragement, and her heart to do things with excellence are a huge blessing to MCS staff and families.
admissionsFrom the Admissions Department
January is Re-Enrollment Month for School Year 2019-2020
January is the season in which we begin planning for the next school year. This year we have seen amazing provision and affirmation from our Heavenly Father through our MCS community in many ways.  ... click for continuation of the re-enrollment letter from Mr. Moore  which includes the Schedule of Fees for 2019-2020 .

Please contact Ashlee Cowell or Gisela Roufs if you have questions about the re-enrollment process.  Thank you!
mm3 Our Bright Future
Phase 1 tours are available for all parents. Feel free to contact the MCS Advancement team to schedule a tour and see how students are benefiting from the new spaces. 
  • Home Game Hype | Tuesday (1/29) ad Thursday (1/31)
  • TK-5th Grade Sports Dress Day | Thursday, January 31st
  • Dads Carpool & Fellowship | Thursday, January 31st
  • TK-6th Daddy Daughter Dance | Friday, February 8th
  • Middle School Grandparentst & Special Friends Day | Tuesday, February 12th
  • Uniform Wear & Share | February 12th (afternoon) and February 13th (morning)
  • Late Start Latte's with Love | February 13th
  • TK Music Informance | Tuesday, March 19th
  • Elementary Musical Production | March 22nd and 23rd
  • K & 1st Music Informance | Tuesday, March 28th
  • Elementary Talent Show | Friday, April 5th
  • Spring Celebration & Auction  | Friday, April 12th
Mrs. Pfaff is in Need of 2 Liter Bottles (32 Needed)

Mrs. Pfaff is in need of 32 2 liter bottles for an enrichment project she will lead for our Chinese Exchange Students next week. If you can help, please drop them off in the Makerspace on Monday. Thank you!
HOME GAME HYPE this Tuesday (1/29) & Thursday (1/31)
We INVITE ALL MCS Families and our Chinese Exchange 
Students to our MCS Home Game Hype! 
Tuesday (1/29) 3:15

Boys' 6th Grade Teal Basketball Game

Thursday (1/31) 3:15

Girls' 7th Grade 
Volleyball Game

...followed by the  Girls' 8th Grade Volleyball Game

The SHAVED ICE TRUCK  will be on campus after school both Tuesday and Thursday , so bring a few extra dollars for an icy treat! Shaved ice treats are priced up to $6. 

We'll supply the pom-poms... you supply the cheers! We hope to see you on Tuesday and Thursday.

LET'S PACK THE GYM in support of our teams.  GO LIONS!!!
MCS Dads Carpool, Fellowship & Prayer Thursdays Weekly
Next: January 31st
DADS: Join us on Thursday mornings weekly at 7:30AM - volunteer for morning carpool. Then hang around for some fellowship and prayer from 8:15-8:45. 

For more details, sign up at the following link: tinyurl.com/MCSDadsFellowship

Hope to see you this Thursday, January 31st! Troy
Attention MCS Elementary (TK-5th Grade)! 
Sports Dress Day Thursday, January 31st
ASB-HD 720p
Elementary ASB announces Sports Day!
Home Run!  

Wear your favorite sports attire on Thursday, January 31st.  Please leave equipment at home and our dress code still applies.

TK-6th Grade Daddy Daughter Dance Tickets on Sale Now
Tuesday, February 12th, 2:30-6:00PM
Wednesday, February 13th, 7:30-9:30AM
MCS Uniform Wear & Share
Wednesday, February 13, 7:30-9:30AM: MCS Lobby
Stop by for Coffee & Fellowship
MCS Parents are invited to stop by the front lobby for Starbucks coffee, morning treats, and fellowship. The dates are 2/13, 3/13, 4/10, and 5/8. Hosted by the MCS Advancement Department, we hope to have a cup of coffee with you!
 elementaryhighlightsElementary Highlights 
Mrs. Lynch's Class Honors Those Who Have Served

In celebration of Veterans week, Mrs. Lynch's class honored her neighbor with a special "Thank You for Serving our Country" booklet with drawings and notes from each student. Colonel Paul Nugent (stationed at Camp Pendleton) and his family were touched by their kindness. As a tribute to Mrs. Lynch and her students' outstanding patriotism, KL was presented with an American Flag that was flown at the Headquarters of the 1st Marine Division (REIN), I Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Pendleton, California.

We're also grateful for MCS Grandparent and Veteran Jim Halton for taking the time to read the story about military honor and community to Mrs. Lynch's class. He gave the students an opportunity to "Pay it Forward." The book is titled H is for Honor by Devin Scillian. Pass it on.
lookingaheadLooking Ahead
Parents Invited to Upcoming March Music Informances
TK Music Informance
Tuesday, March 19th, at 9AM
K & 1st Grade Music Informance
Thursday, March 28th, at 9AM
INFORMANCE: "A performance intended to be both educational and entertaining." en.OxfordDictionaries.com

Don't Miss Our First Ever Elementary Musical Production
March 22 & 23

Elementary Talent Show - Friday, April 5th

Spring Celebration and Auction: Friday, April 12th

If you are interested in being part of the 2019 Auction Volunteer Team, please email Barbara O'Brian at bobrian@marinerscs.org. This is a great opportunity to get to know fellow MCS Parents.
 globalopportunitiesGlobal Opportunities 
Eight MCS Teachers Join Faith Adventure to Haiti
Eight members of our MCS Staff have committed to a Faith Adventure to Glory Glory Center in Torbeck, Haiti during Ski Week in February. Glory Glory Center is a Mariners Church funded orphanage for 55 children (since 2010) and is now in the middle of a construction project to build a premier private school with an anticipated opening of Fall 2019. I have been working alongside of the Core Haiti Ministry Team at Mariners Church for a few years (two onsite visits) and have vision for our AMAZING MCS Staff to help this new staff with Professional Development. This trip will serve as an exploration visit to formulate relationships with the community (Glory Glory Center Staff and Children as well as the local schools), develop strategic planning around Professional Development and gather information to bring back to our MCS Staff to consider this ministry as our next MCS Global Outreach partner.

To learn more about Pastor Sam Matelus (Director) and his vision for the ministry, check out this short video: http://www.haitiministrymarinerschurch.com/  watch-the-video/ or view the ministry page at this link: http://www.haitiministrymarinerschurch.com/ 

Below you will find individual team member pages. Click in to see their stories of why they feel God is calling them to embark on this Faith Adventure.

The Faith Adventure Team will be:
intheknowIn The Know
New Law to Go Into Effect July 1, 2019
There have been recent changes to school entry immunization requirements that go into effect July 1, 2019. We are sharing these changes with you so that you may work with your child's healthcare provider to make sure your child is vaccinated (California Code of Regulations Title 17, Division 1, Chapter 4.) There has been the addition of a second Varicella vaccine requirement for entry into elementary school at Transitional Kindergarten (TK)/Kindergarten (K) and/or seventh grade, administered by a licensed California Healthcare Practitioner.

Grade                   Number of Doses Required of Each Immunization
TK/K-12 Admission 4 Polio 5 DTaP 3 Hep B 2 MMR 2 Varicella
7th-12th Grade 1 Tdap

7th Grade Advancement 2 Varicella 1 Tdap

California schools are required by law to check the immunization records for all new student admissions at TK/Kindergarten through 12th grade and all students advancing to 7th grade before entry. Students meeting all immunization requirements will be unconditionally admitted to school. Students may also be unconditionally admitted if they have a permanent medical exception in accordance with Section 6051. Your child may receive the necessary vaccines from his/her primary care practitioner or pharmacy. It is important to get your child vaccinated early so there will be no issue with school entry. Please make sure you bring your child's vaccine record to the school so it may be on file. Should you have questions, please contact the MCS Health office or your child's health care provider. 
Choice Lunch

Please remember to order Choice Lunch for your student(s) for January and February. Thanks so much! www.choicelunch.com.
All Lost and Found Items Donated the Last School Day of the Month

Please note that lost and found items will be donated at the end of the school day on Thursday, January 31st. Please take a moment to look for your lost items periodically.
Volunteers Needed!

Looking for a great way to volunteer that can  fit your schedule? Lost and found distribution would love your help. There are lots of items wanting to find their owners! Please contact Jen Crowell at jcrowell@marinerscs.org for more information. 
happybirthdayHappy Birthday & Spirit Rock Fun!
Happy Birthday Mrs. Skelly. We love you!!! Your Class

 If you would like to share you rock design and special person in E-News, please email a photo to nenglish@marinerscs.org.  Thank you!

Robin Walker 1/1
Sue Celek 1/2
Keven Kroehler 1/3
Troy Moore 1/5
Vanessa Gentry 1/11
Mirranda Parks 1/11
Jennifer Crowell 1/12
Kristin Knecth 1/12
Brandy Sick 1/14
Dianne McVay 1/16
Melissa Pena 1/18
Sarah Kim 1/20
Lynda Lynch 1/21
Allison Skelly 1/22
Kelly Han 1/24
Trang Nguyen 1/31


Kristen Chandler 2/2
Lisa Collier 2/9
Amy Green 2/27
Jan Bryant 2/28

This list is provided to you by our Parent Teacher Fellowship.
middleschoolenewsMiddle School E-Newsletter

  H I S
"The earth is [ His]  and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it." Psalm 24:1 NIV
Eagle Eye U-Group Activity
Middle School Eagle Eye U-Group Activity
MS Eagle Eye U-Group Activity

We kicked the new year off right in our U-Groups, as the 8th graders led a discussion of what the students in their groups were thankful for in 2018 and sharing one goal they had for 2019.  It's amazing to see these students continue to develop these bonds across grade levels!  Following lunch and discussion, we moved into the new Center for Worship and Performing Arts and took full advantage of our new massive projector screen.  A simple game, but played in a BIG fashion!  The name of the game was Eagle-Eye, and within their U-Groups the students got to scrutinize an "I-Spy" type photo on the screen for 30 seconds.  Then the groups had 90 seconds to recall as many items in the photo as they could.  The brain power was palpable in that room, and the teamwork was beautiful!  We played 3 rounds producing 4 winning groups.   Congratulations to U-Group #3 and #11 for winning round 1, #1 for winning round 2, and #12 for winning round 3! You win a Free Dress Day on an upcoming date TBA!

HOME GAME HYPE this Tuesday (1/29) & Thursday (1/31)
We INVITE ALL MCS Families and our Chinese Exchange 
Students to our MCS Home Game Hype! 
Tuesday (1/29) 3:15

Boys' 6th Grade Teal Basketball Game

Thursday (1/31) 3:15

Girls' 7th Grade 
Volleyball Game

...followed by the  Girls' 8th Grade Volleyball Game

The SHAVED ICE TRUCK  will be on campus after school both Tuesday and Thursday , so bring a few extra dollars for an icy treat! Shaved ice treats are priced up to $6. 

We'll supply the pom-poms... you supply the cheers! We hope to see you on Tuesday and Thursday.

LET'S PACK THE GYM in support of our teams.  GO LIONS!!!
Middle School Grandparents & Special Friends Day February 12th
Middle School Parents: Please forward the invitation to your student's Grandparents or Special Friends
We look forward to spending the morning with your Middle School Student's Grandparents and Special Friends.  Please take a moment to forward the above invitation or pick up an invitation from the front lobby to hand deliver. Thank you.  See below for details about TK Burger on 2/12.
Middle School Take Out Tuesday & Grandparents/Special Friends Day February 12th (orders due no later than 2/7)

Take Out Tuesday  (TK Burgers)  will be held on Tuesday, February 12th, which coincides with our 2019 Middle School Grandparents and Special Friends Day!

In addition to purchasing TK Burgers for middle school students, parents have the opportunity to purchase lunch for their middle school student's guest(s). All meals must be ordered by the middle school parent. Please order all guest meals using your  oldest middle school child's name,  for ease of check-in.

Place your online order at: marinerscs.org/tot-feb2019. Meals are not available for elementary students.

All orders must be placed by 11:59 PM on Thursday, February 7th.  Late orders are not accepted.
Thank you to every student and family who participated in "sharing" at least $1 to help with the cost of Mr. Spurgin's and Mrs. Thurston's upcoming faith adventure to Haiti!  We are grateful for the generous hearts of our students, and we are thankful to report that we collected $970 from our students!  Those who shared also got to "wear" Cozy Day Attire on Wednesday.  We saw everything from pajamas to Uggs to oversized sweatshirts and sweatpants...and everything in between!  It was cozy to the extreme, and we loved it!

Attention Moms of 8th Grade Daughters!
RTwelve - Women of Newport Coffee - Tue, February 26th
RTwelve - Women of Newport Beach is hosting an informational coffee on Tuesday, February 26th, at 9:30 am.
Come learn about our organization and the membership process for the Class of 2023! RTwelve is a Christian non-profit service organization for high school students in grades 9-12. The four-year program uses Romans 12 to provide a platform for Christian mothers and daughters to SERVE together, GROW in faith, and LEAD with courageous character. Learn more at www.rtwelve.org. For invitation details, please email Zanna Donaho at zannadonaho@yahoo.com.

High School Information

Mater Dei High School: Entrance Exam: Saturday, January 26, 2019 at 7:45AM. Register today at: www.materdei.org/entranceexam * All incoming 9th Graders must take the Entrance Exam.

Corona del Mar High School:  If you have questions, please contact Julie Rahmatulla at 949.515.6037.

Newport Harbor High School: Fireside Chat with Dr. Boulton: Wednesday, January 30th, from 7:00-8:30PM. This is a Parents Only Event. Contact  dlong@nmusd.us or 949.646.1556, ext. 1

Pacifica Christian High School:
Pacifica Christian High School Open House Event - Saturday, January 19, 2-4 PM 
Pacifica invites MCS middle-schoolers and their families to join us for Open House, where you will have the opportunity to: 
* Understand how our mission & vision equip young people to think and live well 
* Hear about life at Pacifica from our student ambassadors 
* Learn about our academic, art & athletic programs 
* Meet our faculty, staff & parent ambassadors
Click here to register for an upcoming Open House Event or schedule your visit here. Contact Sarah Parsons, Director of Admissions, with questions at sparsons@pacificaoc.org.
Early College High School: ECHS Information Night will be held on January 30, 2019 from 6:30-7:30PM in the multi-purpose room.  Call 714.424.7990 for details. Located at:  2990 Mesa Verde Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92626.
Orange Lutheran High School: An Invitation to Attend OLu OPEN HOUSE: Monday, January 28th. Click here to RSVPDiscover the Orange Lutheran difference! Speak with students, hear from our Head of School and Principal and learn more about our academics, athletics, arts, and extracurricular programs. You're invited to Orange Lutheran's production of "The Diary of Anne Frank"  1/18/19). Click for details.
JSerra Catholic High School: Winter Open House: Tuesday, January 29th, 2019 at 6:30PM, JSerra Pavilion. Questions, please contact Chris Harrington at charrington@jserra.org.

Crean Lutheran High School: Prospective students and families are invited to contact Mrs. Tara Mathis at mathis@clshs.org