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Jim Lutey, Editor
John Kelty, Contributor
Tom Strobel, Contributor

Chronic Care Collaborative Questionnaire
By Tom Strobel, MEAction Colorado Steering Committee Member

The Chronic Care Collaborative (CCC) of Colorado would like everyone with a chronic disease in Colorado to fill out a questionnaire.

Finding out how you and/or your caregiver are dealing with your healthcare is important – but how often do you get the feeling that anyone really cares about that?

The Chronic Care Collaborative of Colorado does care and represents Coloradans living with chronic conditions and their caregivers. The CCC‘s goal is for health care coverage to be dependable and affordable for Coloradans.

An essential part of the CCC policy advocacy is listening to and elevating the voices of our constituents. Your experiences interacting with healthcare providers, insurance, and systems of care are crucial in helping the CCC understand what is, and is not, working for you and advocating to change what’s not working.

The following survey asks about these lived experiences. The results will be used so the CCC can better learn about specific barriers to care, to shape its policy agenda, and help them advocate for policies that improve access and affordability so health insurance will be more dependable for Coloradans.
If you are able, could you fill out this questionnaire? This is an opportunity to tell someone who may be able to help what it is that you need help with.

Simply click on the link HERE and begin to fill out the questionnaire. It will take some time, but you can do it in a time frame that works for you. This is not something that needs to be done quickly. What’s more important is to give the CCC as much information as possible to let them know your experience.

If you have questions, feel free to e-mail Tom Strobel at, or Katherine Connoly at
Thanks for participating.

Cures 2.0 Legislation
by John Kelty, Chair, MEAction Colorado

Our very own Representative Dianne DeGette of Denver has introduced the Cures 2.0 Act, which among many provisions, includes much of the wording from the earlier COVID-19 Long Haulers Act that we've done so much advocacy for. This may be our best shot ever at great funding. The fact that Rep. DeGette herself introduced the legislation is the biggest thing a Colorado Member of Congress has done for us since MEAction came on the scene.

No matter what district you are in, please take a minute to like and retweet the following:

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Read more about it HERE.

Click HERE to view the video.
Rocky Mountain Human Services Assistance
by Jennifer Jayroe

Hello friends. I have some news I think will be valuable to some of you. If you are on Colorado medicaid, you might qualify for Long Term Care Services. An extremely kind and helpful woman named, Kelsey Weber, contacted me from Rocky Mountain Human Services. Kelsey is no longer there but the phone number at RMHS is: 303-696-5600 and their website is HERE.

Qualifying involved telephone calls, emails, and a visit from a nurse for an at-home assessment. You can choose a caregiver or one can be assigned. I chose my husband to be my caregiver. We chose one of the caregiver companies, then he went through the hiring process.

I hope this helps. Please feel free to contact me with questions. I hope I didn't leave anything out. [Editor's note: if you aren't on Facebook to message Jennifer you can email and I'll put you in touch).
Upcoming Calendar of Events in Colorado

December 7, 1:00: Bateman Horne Center: Online Support Group

December 10:   Deadline to fill out Colorado's Chronic Care Collaborative community survey. Click HERE.

December 14, 1:00: Bateman Horne Center: Online Support Group

December 15, 12:00: Bateman Horne Center: Exclusive BHC Patient Q&A Session

December 17, 10:00: Colorado Monthly Support & Planning Meeting (3rd Friday this month, details TBD)

December 18, 1:30 - ME Caregiver Support Call

If you have any questions or have any upcoming events for next month's calendar, please contact John Kelty at  

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