MMSW Voluntary Steward List Now Available

The list of non-resident businesses that have signed Membership Agreements as Voluntary Stewards with Multi-Material Stewardship Western (MMSW) is now available on the MMSW website.

The Voluntary Steward list represents the businesses who are not resident in Saskatchewan, (and are therefore not obligated under the The Household Packaging and Paper Stewardship Program Regulation) but who have elected to sign-up as Voluntary Stewards with MMSW and take responsibility for the packaging and printed paper they supply into Saskatchewan.  


Retailers and other first importers of products supplied to Saskatchewan residents can use this list to determine which of your non-resident suppliers have signed up as Voluntary Stewards with MMSW, removing the need for you to include the Voluntary Stewards' brands in your report.


Reminder Not to Report for Resident Businesses


Please note that retailers and other first importers are not required to report for suppliers that are resident in Saskatchewan - whether or not they are MMSW members. Legally obligated resident businesses that are not yet MMSW members will be considered out of compliance with the The Household Packaging and Paper Stewardship Program Regulations and will be subject to regulatory action.


Deadline to Sign Up as a Voluntary Steward


June 1, 2014, was the deadline to sign up as a Voluntary Steward. Any non-resident business that did not sign a MMSW Membership Agreement by this date will not be able to register and report for the 2014 reporting year.  However, you are welcome to join MMSW and report next year. Please call Stewards Services at 1-888-980-9549 for more details.


Steward 2014 Reporting Deadline


As a reminder, steward reports are due by June 30, 2014. Please access the WeRecycle portal to file your report:


Need more information?


MMSW will be holding a reporting guidance webinar for Saskatchewan businesses on June 6, 2014.

Click here to register for this webinar.


If you have any questions about preparing your report please contact Steward Services at or by calling 1-888-980-9549.




Multi-Material Stewardship Western



Please contact Multi-Material Stewardship Western with any questions at: or 1-888-980-9549