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Newsletter January 25, 2019
Principal's Corner
As we enter Catholic Schools Week, I cannot help to think about the question we hear so often..."What makes Catholic Schools worthwhile?"

It is a hard question to answer simply because there are so many answers.

We have compiled solid research supporting the Catholic Schools, but I will use 2 examples from this past week alone.

One...Safety in Community. The facts are out there...the awful stories of threats and violence. No one can ever say that any school is immune, but here at MTC we have a community that works together, who know each other, who look out for other, who come to the teachers and admin when they are worried about a friend or classmate, and also who pray together everyday many times. There is truly no greater thing than a community grounded in all of these ways. We are trained in various protocol for school safety and continue to develop our awareness and understanding of latest findings.

Two...Supports for each student. I have met with each teacher this week to discuss the academic, social, and spiritual growth of every student in the school. The teachers here can identify their students' strengths and weaknesses, and we are able to work together to get them any support they may need. I am thrilled to know every one of our students by name, and to be able to oversee their growth in all aspects throughout each year.

This is 2 examples of the many reasons Catholic Schools are such wonderful communities, and I am so excited to celebrate that next week with all of you!

God Bless Our Catholic Schools!
Mother Teresa Initiative

MTC has raised over $500 for animal shelters thanks to the efforts of Pre-K 4, Kindergarten A, and the Fourth Grade. On December 9, 2018, MTC had a dress down day and all of the money raised was given to a local animal shelter that helps rescue animals.

“I have been an animal lover my whole life and all of my life I have rescued animals so I really enjoyed this project,” Pre-K 4 teacher Mrs. O'Malley said. MTC was also able to contribute many other donations like wet and dry dog and cat food, treats, and toys. During this project, about 75 dogs and about 15 cats benefited.

“For the next project I would like to actually go to the shelter to bring the donations and see all the animals,” said fourth grade teacher Mrs.Moll.
Written by Leslie Erreguin and Shaylee Wertz


The Class-H-Room is a show on Fox 29 hosted by Richard Curtis. Three students and three teachers from MTC competed against each other to win a prize of $500 on the TV show, “The Class-H-Room.” The episode aired on January 10, 2019 at 12 pm.

TJ Gannon (7th Grader), Greg Boyle (7th Grader), and Micayla Goetz (8th Grader) competed against Ms. Pagan, our school principal, Miss Langenhorst, our 3rd Grade teacher, and Mrs. Gherca, our 8th Grade teacher. They were quizzed on things from young adult fiction to dinosaurs to spelling.

“I always look forward to seeing my classmates and teachers compete,” said Ashley Sion, 8th Grader at MTC who watched the episode live.

All the students watched the episode live in the gym. It was a very competitive game and the students won against the teachers with a score of 390 - 310. With the $500, the students are asking for a new water fountain in the middle school hallway.

“I was really excited to see the students win because I want a water fountain too,” said Ms.Natale.

Written by Cindy Jin
Students Build Bridges After Reading Bridge to Terabithia
On December 20th 2018, the 6th Grade Class made bridges out of seven index cards and tape. The 6th grade had just read the award winning novel Bridge to Terabithia , by Katherine Patterson . The book inspired them to make their own bridges.
The bridges had to sustain multiple objects without collapsing.
The bridges also had to reach over an inch between the students’ desks. This taught students how to manipulate their materials efficiently.

The students worked in groups of three and four. They talked to each other and collaborated on the construction of the bridge. “Everyone had their own tiny idea that we made into one big idea,” said 6th grader Levestri Thirumalaisamy.

The students incorporated STEM into ELA, which allowed the students to work cross-curricular.

“I believe that by building bridges with simple materials such as index cards, [it] would get students to think as a team, and build bridges of friendships, thereby reinforcing the lessons taught on the book Bridge to Terabithia,” said Math and Engineering teacher Mrs.Dwinnell.

Teacher Spotlight- Mrs. Natalini
Mrs. Natalini is a kindergarten teacher here at MTC. She has been teaching for 37 years! Mrs. Natalini has taught at MDP/MTC for her whole career.

Mrs. Natalini has wanted to be a teacher for her whole life. Ever since she was young her desire to teach has been her passion.

“I played school with my friends and I would have fun being the teacher,” Mrs. Natalini said.

Mrs. Natalini started out teaching 3rd Grade. She taught 3rd grade for six years before taking the job as the kindergarten teacher.
“I used to watch kindergarten walk to lunch every day and thought they were so cute, and when the job opened up, I took it,” she said.

Her favorite part about teaching is seeing how happy all her students are.

“I love to see when the children are excited about the lesson,” Mrs. Natalini said.

Mrs. Natalini also loves to see when the kids have smiles on their face coming to school on Monday.

She teaches her young students important skills such as counting numbers, basic math, spelling, the alphabet, reading and more. The most important thing she teachers her students is to follow in Jesus’ footsteps.

“She is a very dedicated teacher and loves what she does,” said Aidan McCarel, 7th Grader at MTC.

Mrs. Natalini helps run the Kindergarten Letter Parade in May when “q” and “u” get married and the Kindergarten Pow Wow in November for the celebration of Thanksgiving.

Mrs. Natale went to West Chester University, where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education, K-6.

Mrs. Natalini currently lives with her husband and has two grown daughters, and one granddaughter.

Written by Aidan McCarel and Brendan Johnston Johnston

Future Cities
On Saturday, January 19th at Archbishop John Carroll High School, many of our seventh and eighth-grade students participated in the Future Cities Competition. Future Cities is a nationwide competition that encourages STEM-based and problem-solving skills in the younger generations.

The students built a city of their own creativity and imagination. The goal of the competition this year was to build a city to withstand a natural disaster. This year the team had a mentor who helped with the city, named Ms. Kathy Lajoie Malik. She was an amazing addition to the team.
“The theme this year was intriguing because we had to figure out how to make a functioning, resilient city, which is a huge problem in our world today,” said Katrina Trimble, an 8th-grade student at MTC who was one of the team leaders says

The team created a city named “Tormenta” meaning ‘storm city’, located in Turkey. The resilient city includes innovative inventions such as their micro-grid (to power their city) and Nanobots (which are tiny robots that can detect and cure multiple diseases). New methods of transportation and their very own type of energy, Quaken energy (named by Katrina Trimble). This energy absorbs the energy from the seismic waves of earthquakes and converts it to energy that powers a portion of the city.

At the competition, Kelsey Pearson, Katrina Trimble, and Katie George presented the city to a board of judges. The team won two awards: the Best Waterfront Concept Award and the James G. Hall Memorial Award.

“The team was very dedicated and worked hard...They should be proud of what they have created,” said Mrs. Dwinnell, MTC’s very own team moderator.

Written by Lydia Stong and Katrina Trimble
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