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Newsletter February 8, 2019
Principal's Corner
In the past 2 weeks we have celebrated an amazing time here at MTC, Catholic Schools Week. Our families came together for a BINGO night, our students honored the First Responders who keep us safe, we had spirit days where our students showed their MTC pride, the oriests and sisters took time to talk about vocations, our community honored the staff and teachers with a beautiful lunch, and we wrapped it all up with Special Persons' Day (one week late because of snow).

When people talk about MTC, it is community first and foremost. The environment is truly extraordinary, and we are all blessed to share in it.

I am excited to begin our next phase of community building and improvements through the school!

Did I mention those delicious new lunches???
Catholic Schools Week
First Responders Mass and Breakfast

On Wednesday, January 30th, MTC students, teachers, and parishioners attended a mass dedicated to first responders. EMTs, police officers and firefighters all attended the mass. Following the mass, first responders were served breakfast by sixth-grade students in the cafeteria. The honoring of first responders was a combined effort of the third and sixth grade, who work together to perform service projects for first responders through the Mother Teresa Initiative.

“We showed them how thankful we are for their service and I think that made them feel even more proud about all about they do,” said sixth-grader Gianna DeStefano.

All of the classes made a spiritual bouquet for the first responders. The spiritual bouquet consisted of cards, paintings, and other projects showing an inspirational message.

“This event was important because we wanted to show how thankful we are for first responders service,” said  Anna McCarel.

By Eighth Graders Ian Goetz and Evan Petrecz
The MTC Academic Bowl
On February 1st, 2019 at MTC school, students participated in the Academic Bowl. The Academic Bowl consists of 1st through 8th graders split between the blue and white teams. There are five rounds and one student from each team in each grade go against each other answering grade level, content-related questions. A total of 80 students participated in the Academic Bowl.

The questions asked covered a variety of different subjects.

“It was a great game and the crowd was crazy,” said seventh-grader Aidan McCarel, who participated in the Academic Bowl.

The Academic Bowl was a really close competition and ended with a tiebreaker. Ultimately, the blue team came out victorious. MTC is looking forward to more blue and white competitions this school year.

By Seventh Grader Trey Seiders
Family Bingo Night

Friday, February 1st was the annual MTC bingo night and the 8th-grade bake sale where people enjoyed playing bingo and bought treats to sponsor the 8th-grade field trip.

Bingo was open for people of all ages and was well attended by both parents and children. Fun prizes were won during bingo, but one of the most coveted prizes was the chocolate pound cake awarded to the winner of the raffle, made by Mrs. Kimellen Remar.

“I won a gift card and bought the rice crispy treats and had a piece of Mrs.Remar’s pound cake at the bake sale. The pound cake was really, really good,” said big-winner and sixth-grade student Lauren Montgomery.

The Bingo went on for at least 9 rounds and had multiple winners. Kids and parents won and enjoyed prizes like gift cards and small toys.

“It was a fun night for everyone. There were prizes, treats, and the book fair,” said eighth-grader Lydia Stong.

The MTC Home and School Association set up and organized the bingo while the 8th-grade students and parents put together the bake sale.

By Eighth Grader Taylor Montgomery

Student Spotlight- Ryan Remar
Ryan Remar is an eighth-grade student at MTC. He is a member of NJHS and helps Mrs. Dwinell with Science Explorers every Thursday. Ryan is excited and ready to graduate and go to high school. Ryan plans on attending Archbishop John Carroll High School. Ryan received a yearly scholarship.

“It felt really good to not only be accepted into Carroll, but to receive a scholarship. I was really excited,” Ryan said.

Ryan will miss all of his friends at MTC and even his teachers, especially his favorite teacher, Mrs. Lare. Ryan loves her math class and feels like he will be extremely prepared. Ryan has been at MTC for 11 years and followed the footsteps of his mother, who is an alumni.

Ryan said, “I will miss my friends because I have been with some of them for 11 years, but I am excited to meet new friends and reunite with some former MTC students at Carroll.”

By Seventh Grader Andrew Bordic

Alumni Spotlight: Charley Lacey
Charley Lacey graduated MTC as part of the Class of 2017 after joining MTC in fourth grade from St. Teresa of Avila. He is currently a sophomore at Pope John Paul II High School.

“I felt welcomed right away into this inviting community,” Charley said.

Charley was very involved in school activities. He was in engineering, bell choir, and chess club. “I wanted to be involved in all that the school offered and I thought the best way to do that is by joining multiple clubs,” Charley responded.

One thing Charley liked about MTC is that the teachers were open and accommodating to help him understand the information they were teaching.

“I was also very happy with the advanced technology at MTC because at my old school the technology was out-of-date,” Charley said.

Charley stated that he enjoyed the fundraisers to pump up the school. Charley expected high school and middle school to be different but he said they are actually similar.

Charley’s eighth-grade gift to the school was a buddy bench.
“My class wanted to help younger kids to make friends and feel comfortable on the playground.”

By Seventh Grader Julia Lacey
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