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Newsletter December 20, 2018
Principal's Corner
In the past couple of weeks, we have all experienced things that makes MTC so unique...its amazing celebration of the true meaning of Christmas. We do that through service, through song, through performances, and most of all through worship and celebration of the Birth of Jesus.

I asked a new teacher today what she thought of Christmas at MTC. She replied that she has never felt Christmas as she has this year.

We have a wonderful community, and wonderful students, and we are so blessed to have the opportunity to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas together.

Christmas season, while a wondrous time, is often a very difficult time for many as well. The children were reminded all month to practice acts of kindness, as the smallest of gestures can mean the world to someone. I hope that feeling surrounds all of you, and you find joy in the little things as well.

Please take a moment to view our school's special Christmas wish    MTC Christmas 2018
Mother Teresa Initiative
7th Grade has been very busy for the past few months. This year, 2nd and 7th Grade are giving back to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for their Mother Teresa Initiative.

In October, the 7th and 2nd grade made cards for the kids at CHOP. The Cards were then distributed to the children. “It made me feel happy I was helping kids that are sick,” said 2nd grader Logan Dunn. The 7th graders also spent time with the 2nd graders by reading them stories, and entertaining them that afternoon. The 7th grade teacher, Miss Natale said, “The 7th grade students and I felt like the cards would brighten the children’s day at the hospital.” The 7th grade is possibly planning on visiting the children at the hospital at the end of the year.

In November, the 7th grade collected non-perishable items for The Patrician Society of Central Norristown (The Patrician Society provides help for elderly people). “ When we went to deliver the canned goods, I noticed the people had a big smile on their face,” said 7th Grader Lily Barone.

Lastly in December, 7th Grade contributed to Adopt-A-Family. The 7th grade is looking forward to the upcoming months to continue to help the kids at CHOP.

-By-Anna Mc Carel
Elisa Dougherty
Sierra Martello
Christmas Concert

The Annual MTC Christmas Concert took place on Thursday, December 13th at 7 pm. The eighth grade performed “The Lost Star of Bethlehem,” which was written and organized by Mr. Daniel Breidinger, the music teacher at MTC. Throughout the play, grades one to seven sang Christmas songs.

“I am very proud of all the hard work from each and every student. They put on a great show,” said Mr. B.

In the play, two angels are given the job of placing the Star of David in the sky. While tossing the star between the two of them, they drop the star and it falls to Earth. The Wise Men and King Herod find the star, but they lose it while traveling back to King Herod’s palace. In the end, the angels find the star and return it to the sky. The eighth grade did a wonderful job and it was a very entertaining play.

“The play was amazing because the eighth grade worked really, really hard in preparation for it,” said Ashley Sion, eighth grader at MTC, who was a narrator to the play.

Special thanks to Mrs. Martello and volunteers who did a wonderful job on the backdrop, and Mrs. Swope who made the costumes. It was a very special night for all of the staff, faculty, students, and parents at MTC.

Every year MTC participates in the Adopt-A-Family program. Adopt-A-Family is an event where MTC families donate Christmas gifts for families in need and then the fifth through eighth grade students wrap the gifts together. On Wednesday, December 12th 2018, 5th through 8th Grade wrapped presents for the families in need in the cafeteria. Ms. Gherca helped the eighth graders, Ms. Natale helped the seventh graders, Mr. Tamasitis helped the sixth graders and Ms. Sana helped the fifth graders.

One of our very own 6th graders truly enjoyed the experience. Anna Mcarel said “I’m glad all the students contributed to this and did their part to give back.”

Our teachers enjoyed the experience as well. Ms. Natale said “As soon as I started wrapping I immediately felt immersed in the Christmas spirit. During the holiday season, it's all about giving back to the community and those who are less fortunate than us.”

The Adopt-A-Family event was very successful due to our MTC families and students.

Written By: Sean Pearson
Teacher Spotlight- Miss Natale
Miss. Natale is currently the 7th grade homeroom teacher. She teaches 6th, 7th, and 8th grade English, and co-teaches a journalism, and broadcasting elective. She is an innovative, and experienced teacher, that is suited for this position as a teacher, at MTC School.

Miss. Natale has been subbing for a half of a year, and teaching for 2 years at MTC School. She takes the subject of ELA, which most students tend to struggle with, and students say “makes it fun and educational.” She uses word squares, games, music, and much more that opens a mind to learn.

“I think English is important because students can learn more about themselves through literature, and it gives them an opportunity to draw upon real life experiences.” Miss. Natale said.

She has students working on novels so they can learn how to comprehend a story, and look back to annotate important events that take place. She explains that there is a lot more behind the English language, which she feels each student can find through words and dialogue the author uses.

When Miss Natale reviews vocabulary homework, and students participate, she feels as if they do better on tests. She makes sure students are prepared with their materials, as soon as they walk into her classroom. She feels like these skills prepare her students for the future.

Lastly, Miss. Natale said : “ I hope I can foster an appreciation for literature in my students, because literature is everywhere. It’s in our language, movies, music, and it can help us connect with one another.”

Written by 6th grader Sierra Martello.
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