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Newsletter March 1, 2019
Principal's Corner
This week we had our annual Auction. Under the leadership of the chair, Brooke Voris, our school was turned into Monte Carlo! This event, while a big part of the financial sustainability of MTC, is also an amazing gathering of friends of the MTC Community. There is truly nothing better than seeing so many who have been touched in some way by MDP, STA, or MTC come together in the same room for a festive evening.

Additionally, Helen Wilson and Tony Capone were inducted into the MTC Hall of Fame. Helen is an inspiration to anyone out there who was, is, or encourages a female athlete. Tony is so generous to the MTC, and his humility shines above all. Together they embody the qualities we teach our students everyday at MTC.

Mother Teresa Initiative
Sisters of Camilla Hall

Mother Teresa Regional Catholic School students visited retired nuns at Camilla Hall on Monday, February 11.

“The sisters at Camilla Hall used to be school teachers and really enjoyed seeing and visiting with the students,” said Mrs. Gherca, 8th grade teacher at MTC.

Miss Bonkoski’s PreK-3, the 1st Grade, and the 8th grade collectively selected Camilla Hall as their Mother Teresa Initiative at the beginning of the year. Camilla Hall is a nursing home for retired Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

During the  week before Thanksgiving, the three grades made baked goods and the 8th grade students sold the brownies, cookies, cupcakes, pumpkin squares and other treats for $1 during lunch. Together, the classes raised about 400 dollars to donate to Camilla Hall.

“The bake sale sold out and was a huge success,” said 8th grader Ashley Sion.

“We presented the check to Camilla Hall during our visit,” Mrs. Gherca said.

At 12:30 pm on February 11, the 8th grade took a half an hour bus ride to visit the Sisters. While they were there, the 8th graders had a lot of fun with the Sister. They also handed out Valentine’s Day cards made by Pre-K 3 and 1st grade. The nuns and students told stories and just enjoyed the afternoon in each other’s company.

“The nuns were very fun and informative. They were kind and loved to tell stories,” said Emma Barone, 8th grader at MTC.

The students visited two floors of the Hall and met lots of nice people. The nuns had such a good time that the 8th graders had trouble leaving because they kept wanting to tell stories.

“Some of the Sisters have met Mother Teresa! They were funny and enjoyable to talk to,” said Patrick Baker, 8th grader at MTC.

“Going to Camilla Hall was an exciting and heartwarming experience,” Mrs. Gherca said, “I hope we can get back again.”

Written by 7th Grader Aidan McCarel

Auction Night At MTC
On Saturday, February 23 MTC hosted its annual Auction. A Night In Monte Carlo was this year’s theme. Those interested in the auction could either dress up for a night out and enjoy the impressive decorations or bid from home online.

“They went all out with the decorations,” said Immacolata Capone, who was at the Auction to see her Dad, Tony Capone, get inducted into the MTC Hall of Fame. “When you walked in you stepped onto a red carpet surrounded by giant dice, money bags, mini playing cards all over the tables, and string lights on the ceiling.”  

In addition to Tony Capone, Helen Wilson was also inducted into the MTC Hall of Fame as a symbol of gratitude for their significant contributions to the school community.

MTC teachers offered auction items such as Panera lunches and March Madness parties for parents to bid on at the auction. Other popular auction items directly related to the school community included Teacher for the Day, Principal for the Day and first row at the Spring Concert.

“There are great ideas for fundraisers...the best auction items include the pictures and videos,” said Mario D'Achille, a parent at MTC.

Other items that were auctioned included a hockey puck signed by a Flyers player, Disney tickets, a Lower Merion Police car ride, and a limousine lunch.

MTC is anxiously awaiting next year’s auction and it’s themes, decorations, and prizes.

Written by 6th Graders Addie D’Achille, Immacolata Capone, Isabella Cooper, Grace Plechner

MTC Students
Compete at Mathletes Competition

On February 26th, Mathletes from 7th and 8th grade went to an annual competition at Pope John Paul ll High School. It took place from 3 to 4:30 pm. This is a math competition where students compete to exhibit their academic ability. The Mathletes took 3 tests: two 5 question tests individually and one 5 question test with their team.

MTC had two teams compete. Team A consisted of Katie George, Lizzy Yates, Kyle Conlen, Ryan Remar, and Greg Boyle. They had a total of 15 questions answered correctly. Team B includes Jeremy Csercsevits, Ian Goetz, Nina Dudas, and Cindy Jin. Team B had a total score of 10 questions answered correctly. Ryan Remar, Jeremy Csercsevits, and Cindy Jin had the best scores of their group.

There were estimated around 60 students split between nearly 24 teams.The competition used to be hosted at Kennedy Kenrick Catholic High School until it was moved to PJP. MTC has competed in the Mathletes competition for more than 16 years.

Even though none of the competitors came home with an award, they did enjoy the experience. Mrs. Dwinnell, Mathletes Coach, mentioned, “I was very impressed with how we approached the competition with confidence. We went in with an enthusiastic spirit, and they did their best.”

Written by 8th Grader Nina Dudas

Teacher and Alumni Spotlight
Ms. Katie Young
Miss Katie Young is the resource room teacher and CARES director at MTC school. She also coaches MTC’s very own Pep Squad. Miss Young attended MDP for the 6th through 8th grade. This is her third year as a staff member and her second year as a teacher.

“I love my students, they help me grow as a person and I learn more about myself… Watching the moment where it clicks in a student’s mind is why I decided to teach,” Miss Young said.

When she was younger, she wanted to be a teacher from the beginning of her education. In her free time, she likes to spend time with her nephews and read.

Miss Young went to Archbishop Carroll for high school and received her bachelor’s degree from Kutztown University where she majored in Special Education.

“Miss Young is really nice, she helps me a lot in math and she is very supportive.” said 8th grader Emma Barone. “She is a great member of the MTC community.”

Written by 8th Graders Lydia Stong and Katrina Trimble

Alumni Spotlight: Matt Baker

Matt Baker is a 21 year old senior at Temple University. He graduated from MTC in 2011.

“I loved the people I got to meet and grow up with,” Baker said.

Baker said some of the most valuable lessons he learned from MTC include being kind, being yourself and having fun. He also mentioned that his favorite teacher was his third grade teacher, Mrs. Contino because she was always very kind to her students.

“Outside of academics, the people-skills that I learned at MTC really helped me to find the friends that I am still close with today,” Baker said.

Baker's favorite memory at MTC was winning the 2008 Parade of Champions.

Matt said, “I am very glad I went to MTC.”

Written by 8th Grader Patrick Baker and 7th Grader Declan Anstock

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