In our May newsletter we are continuing our 20th Anniversary celebration with excerpts from another Aubin Pictures' film, Sacred Lies, Civil Truths! This film documents intersectionality of religion, politics, race, family, and LGBTQ communities in the early '90s. 

And speaking of celebrating, we are Aubin are so happy to announce that one of our current projects, Amor Puro y Duro about ranchera genius Chavela Vargas, has received a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts! 

Also included in this Aubin update are exciting announcements about  Born To Fly and  When Democracy Works! As always, there are cool "Things We Love" happening in the media world, as well as Aubin's Bookshelf - hip hop, voting rights, and trans liberation.

So as you read, please make a tall glass of lemonade and drink up to "Denial," the first song on Beyonce's latest genius album.

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NEA Grant for
Amor Puro y Duro!

Aubin Pictures is thrilled to announce that 
Amor Puro y Duro  has been selected 
for an  NEA Art Works Grant!
Art Works funds projects that are designed to achieve one of four outcomes: creation of art, public engagement with art, lifelong learning in the arts, and the strengthening of communities through the arts. NEA received over 1,763 applicants and is distributing $3.8 million in grants this year. Aubin is honored to be among the 84 artists selected to represent our nation.

For more information on projects included in the NEA grant announcement, go to

To join the Twitter conversation,
please use #NEASpring16.

20th Anniversary Spotlight : Sacred Lies, Civil Truths

Sacred Lies Civil Truths Trailer
Sacred Lies Civil Truths Trailer

Sacred Lies, Civil Truths is a full length compilation produced in 1993 by Catherine Gund and Cyrille Phipps, for The Gay and Lesbian Emergency Media Campaign. This film documents the insurgent "Religious" Right and its broad-based agenda, as it analyses their campaigns for anti-gay initiatives in Oregon and Colorado in 1992, and examines issues of family and religion in queer communities.

Sacred Lies Civil Truths  utilizes footage from 20 additional LGBTQ documentaries that were foundational to the organizing work being done at the time, and are an important part of our historical archives today.

When Democracy Works
on Vimeo

Aubin has partnered with Frameline, Inc. to offer the full version of When Democracy Works on Vimeo for a small rental fee. It's incredible how relevant When Democracy Works is 20 years later, as radical right-wing politics continue to threaten democratic values and the intersecting rights of people of color, immigrants, and LGBTQ people.

Rent When Democracy Works Now!
Born To Fly is in the UK!

Watch  Born To Fly in the UK via: 

Other ways to catch the action Stateside:
A Few Things We Love...
6 Female Film Directors 
Lost in Cinema History
Imitation of Choice
By Stephanie Wang-Breal

Imitation of Choice  (working title) is a new film by Stephanie Wang-Breal (who is also one of Aubin's Consulting Producers). This film examines sex work, prostitution, and human trafficking through the lens of New York State's criminal justice system. Set inside our nation's first Human Trafficking Intervention Court (HTIC), the film invites audiences to witness the way we identify and support women who are arrested for prostitution-related offenses. The women are invited to consider whether or not they identify themselves as "victims" of human trafficking, and to try to find a new path forward.

Aubin's Bookshelf

Left of BlackDuke University Professor Mark Anthony and veteran journalist and activist Bakari Kitwana (a member of our  A Moving Body Advisory Table) discuss:
Read more here
#TransLiberationTuesday Shines Light on Trans People of Color

White trans artist Micah Bazant runs a weekly collaborative art project creating portraits that celebrate trans people of color in life - not just in memoriam - and connects these images to opportunities for action.

Read more     

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