July 17, 2021
Back in May, I was delighted to have local organic farmer Chris Longest as my radio guest. The information he shared was absolutely fascinating and the tips for "how to DIY" exciting.

Today Chris joins me once again. He'll be talking with us about making our own fertilizers, pest control, and more.

Call in with YOUR gardening questions!

Join at us at noon! - just after the top of the news hour, on WKBK radio:
FM 94.1
AM 1290

Want to learn more? Don't miss Chris'...
"This 2-hour class will give an overview of natural farming methods everyone can use in their gardens, on their homesteads or at their farms. Lets learn how to harness microbes to increase yields, make our own fertilizers and create our own natural pest solutions together."
And in the Covid corner when you have the time...
"Dr. Andrew Kaufman, a good friend and colleague, provided this brief educational video on the so-called "deadly" Delta Variant that is believed to be causing major causalities in the world, disproportionately affecting children and the unvaccinated." - Sayer Ji
"The above link will take you to an interview (over an hour long) with Dr. David Martin. This man is an expert in patent law, as well as
someone who has in-depth knowledge about viruses, vaccines, pathogens and how they are found, developed, marketed and distributed.

"Your time invested in watching this will yield enormous proof that no “novel” (meaning “new”) Corona virus was discovered. Rather, everything attributed to the Covid 19 virus preexisted any “outbreaks” by years and
years as evidenced by the patents sought and granted for viruses, elements of viruses (spike proteins, etc.), and vaccines."
You’ve heard rumors that the virus did not occur naturally. That is true. It was manufactured. Fauci and the NIAIH as well as the CDC all had their fingers in this by doing research, including gain of function research, which is making a bad thing WORSE, as well as filing for and being granted (sometimes denied) patents. What is also clear from the
Patent records is that the vaccine was ready PRIOR to any “outbreak.” - Mike Walsh, Esq.
Rest in Peace
Thank You!