~March, 2019 News~
~Greetings from Burkina Faso! 
and a Wonderful 2019 to You~

Malidoma Somé  www.Malidoma.com
Elder Malidoma Patrice Somé

Malidoma Somé  www.Malidoma.com

Elder Malidoma is Honored, once again,
by the Grand Chancelier, President, and 
 Government of Burkina Faso

In January, 2019- during our Journey to Burkina Faso, Elder Malidoma was asked by the Grand Chancelier of the country; to travel to the capital city: Ouagadougou for a special ceremony. During this formal ceremony, Elder Malidoma was honored by his home country for the contributions that he has made throughout his lifetime.

Dr. Malidoma Patrice Somé holds three Master's Degrees and two Doctorate Degrees from the Sorbonne and Brandeis.
He has spent the last 30 years of his life traveling around the world and sharing the healing wisdom of Africa. Elder Malidoma continues to bless those that he comes into contact with the experiential gift of the ancient wisdom of the origin. He offers his students the unique opportunity to apply ancient spirit technologies to modern day issues.

During the formal ceremony, the Grand Chancelier, on behalf of the President of Burkina Faso, called forth Elder Malidoma-with the back drop of the military's presence and the military band in full regalia- and bestowed upon Elder Malidoma the Medal of "Officer of the Order of the Stallion". This is a high honor and includes upon it the official seal of the government of the country of Burkina Faso.

This is the second time Elder Malidoma has been called forth to be honored by his home country's government and President; the first being in 2011 when he was bestowed the title of "Knight of the Order of the Stallion".

The group participants who were, at the time, traveling with Elder Malidoma were invited to attend this prestigious ceremony and were then welcomed into the Grand Chancelier's office for an extended visit. What an absolute honor to be able to support Elder Malidoma as he received this recognition and medal of honor. 
Dagara Cosmology
~Mineral, Stones, Shells & Bones~  
 2019 is a MINERAL YEAR!

Considerations for this Mineral Year:
What is the story that you tell yourself about your who are? 
Is this internal dialogue true? Is it accurate? 
Is it time to change the story you carry within or update it? 
 The Mineral Year is a wonderful time to align with your truth 
 and the frequency of your Medicine, Purpose & Gift. It's the time to upgrade any outdated messages that you may have taken on about who you are and why you are here!

What is the Ancient Wisdom of the Origin that only YOU hold deep within your Bones that is still waiting to be delivered to your community? your people? your world? The Mineral Year is an excellent time to bring forth the next level of your truth, your wisdom, your Medicine, your Gift & Purpose.

How are you showing up (or not) in your community to share the gift that you have that this world needs? What is the message that you carry that could support the people around you and humanity? The Mineral Year is the perfect time to stop playing small and hiding the precious gift that only you have.

How do you support yourself and allow others to support you so that you can bring forth the message that you are here to deliver? 
What actions could you take, or participate in, that would assist you in maintaining the frequency and vibration that would best support you to share that which is waiting to be delivered by you?

The world awaits your authenticity, your truth, and your power. The world needs your Medicine and your Gift. The time is now and the place is here.

Remember: You either live your Medicine or your Medicine lives you.
-Malidoma Somé

A Wonderful 2019 to You!! 

~Thank you for taking the time to review our latest newsletter!  Below please find information about the upcoming opportunities to connect with Elder Malidoma via:

*Private Divination  (Asheville, NC; Atlanta, GA; New York City; California, Tacoma, WA; Vancouver) 
**Public Evening Talk: (Atlanta, GA; Tacoma, WA)

*Indigenous African Spirit Technologies: 5-Day Intensive: Talismans & Tools of Protection (March 13-17)

*Ritual Healing Village: a Return to the Medicine of Our Ancestors- for the Brothers & Sisters of the African  Diaspora (April 10-14)

*Men's 4-Day Ritual Intensive
*Indigenous African Spirit Technologies: 5-Day Intensive: Elemental Immersion (June 5-9)
*Yearlong Cowry Shell Divination Certification Training-  NEW 4-session Series (become a certified cowry shell diviner sanctioned by Elder Malidoma)
(June 27-30)

Ancestralization  Ritual   (October 9-13)
Kontomblé 5-day Immersion and Divination (November 20-24)

Journey to Burkina Faso with Elder Malidoma: 14 days in Africa 
(January 10-24, 2020)

~We're grateful for your life and for the Medicine that you gift to us all.


"You have been thrown into the belly of the 
beast to awaken people who are living other people's dream."
-Malidoma Somé

Burkina Faso, Africa
January 10-24, 2020


Join Elder Malidoma 
on a Journey to Burkina Faso!
~ work with the local Shamans/Medicine People that Elder Malidoma works with
~experience Burkina Faso culture
~visit the local markets
~ BE held within the frequency and Medicine of  Mother Africa

For additional details and registration paperwork, please 
e-mail the office at info@Malidoma.com

Guardian Baobab, Burkina Faso

Upcoming Private Divinations with Elder Malidoma

Asheville, NC!

Register for your Private Divination 
with Elder Malidoma!

April 9th, 2019

please contact 
 for additional details~ or to Schedule your 
Private Divination

Atlanta, GA!

**Public Evening Gathering/Talk with Elder Malidoma
April 25th
Register for your Private Divination 
with Elder Malidoma!

April 26th, 27th & 28th, 2019

please contact info@Malidoma.com for additional details~ or to Schedule your 
Private Divination

New York City!

Register for your Private Divination 
with Elder Malidoma!

May 18th & 19th, 2019

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Private Divination


Register for your Private Divination 
with Elder Malidoma!

May, 2019

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Private Divination

Tacoma, WA!

**Public Evening Gathering/Talk with Elder Malidoma
July 18th
Register for your Private Divination 
with Elder Malidoma!

July 19th, 20th & 21st 2019

please contact info@Malidoma.com for additional details~ or to Schedule your 
Private Divination

Experiencing a personal divination with Elder Malidoma
 is a beautiful, empowering and healing manifestation of Spirit.  It is an opportunity to hear direction from the realm of the Ancestors and to connect, more deeply, with what you know "in your bones".  

Elder Malidoma utilizes cowry shell divination
for his sessions.  You will be asked to spread a pile of shells, bones, stones, and other implements on a special "divination cloth".  This spread is what Malidoma will read and interpret to bring a message about your life and purpose for being on the planet at this time.  The message will also be about finding balance with the Elemental Spirits of Earth, Water, Fire, Nature and Mineral.

please contact  info@Malidoma.com
 for additional details~ or to 
Schedule your Private Divination
Fee: $350 USD 
(pre-paid & non-refundable)

"The time has come for you to adorn yourself
in the new clothing of  receiving and deservedness."
~Malidoma Somé 


~Embody Your True Nature~

Upcoming Events

Malidoma Folded Arms

Contact: Info@Malidoma.com for more information

Upcoming Programs with Elder Malidoma

 Indigenous African Spirit Technologies

photo credit: Craig Tracy

**At this time
 this 5-Session intensive training with Elder Malidoma is open for new students.

This is an exquisite opportunity to connect deeply with ancient wisdom, powerful african spirit technologies, internal empowerment, remembering & healing within the container of a dedicated community.

The time for a vigorous act of devotion to, and embracing of the wisdom of indigenous Africa has come. After centuries of silence and in hiding, the powers and wisdom of the ancestors are rising up to lead the world into the next level of consciousness and spirituality. As we know, the continent is not just the birthplace of mankind, it is also the repository of profound unseen powers and technologies on standby to contribute to a radical healing change much needed in the world today. This calls for some militant initiative on the part of those in whose heart ancient Africa speaks, to check in for this exciting and compelling journey home where they can expect to find how much of the old in them has been waiting to burst in service of the world's need to heal and to transform.  This experiential program is offered in response to that call.

*Join us as we show up with dedication, devotion and priestly commitment for the sustenance and continuity of life.

 Indigenous African Spirit Technologies
is a 1-2 year program that encompasses a series of 
intensives- each lasting for 5-days. 
The teachings of each session are described below.

#1. Elemental Medicine- Experiential Merging 
(Earth Ritual, Water Ritual, Fire Ritual)
*NEW SERIES (June 5-9, 2019)

#2. Ancestralization
(October 9-13, 2019)

#3. Talismans and Indigenous Tools of Protection
( March 18-22, 2020)

Session # 4 & #5 

Please see LINK HERE for Additional Details

***Be sure to Register Early for REDUCED FEES
**At this time, Sessions #1 and #2  and #3 may be taken within the series of five; 
 or as "stand-alone" sessions. Fees will vary.

 For those of you who have previously experienced this 5-day Intensive with Elder Malidoma- if you are eligible & interested in returning to do this powerful work (as a stand-alone session), please contact the office for the registration paperwork. Elder Malidoma is now offering  a discounted tuition fee for the RELOAD experience as a stand-alone session.

Ritual Healing Village
-A Return to the Medicine of our Ancestors-

5-Day Ritual Intensive 
for the Brothers and Sisters of the 
African Diaspora 
April 10th -14th, 2019

Join Elder Malidoma for a 5-day all inclusive intensive where we will gather together within a safe and sacred container for  deep  sharing, deep listening, connection with the Ancestors and Otherworld, ritual intensives and a powerful opportunity for healing.
The Time is Now.

To receive additional information about this powerful upcoming experience with Dr. Malidoma Somé 
please e-mail 

***REGISTER by March 14th for Early Registration fees!

This 5-Day Intensive will be held at 
Brittany's Mountain Retreat @Ancestral Events 
amidst the ancient blue-ridge mountains
Asheville, NC


-A Gathering of Men with 
Malidoma Somé-
4- Day Men's Ritual Intensive

"Men of Spirit Walking Together"
diving deep
-Manifesting their Gift, Purpose and Medicine-

May 2nd - 5th, 2019 
(Thursday at 5pm until Sunday at 1pm)

Asheville, NC 

INDIGENOUS Wisdom for Current Issues

During this 4-Day Ritual Intensive, men will join together in brotherhood to journey into and through ancient indigenous Dagara wisdom- remembering that we are, each of us, going somewhere purposeful in life. Through the healing interaction of ritual with men in community~ there will be an opportunity to open ourselves to the release and reconciliation of those thoughts, emotions, issues, obstacles and energies- that have created a numbness, tension, or paralysis for us. Through this process, we will invite and allow the life force and strength of our Purpose and Gift to, once again, flow through us- unobstructed.

As we move  forward  on our chosen path, 
 let us remember- and experience together- that we do not walk alone.
  As we remember and embody the innate power that lies within us, let us continue to receive support from both this world and the Otherworld as we deepen the embodiment of our Purpose & Gift and move forward.

FOR DETAILS about this Event/Registration Information:


Join Elder Malidoma for a 5-Day
A Return to:
Earth: Home & Belonging
Hands Holding Soil
Water: Peace & Reconciliation
Fire: The Realm of the Ancestors

June 5-9, 2019

~in the Beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains
surrounding Asheville, NC~

~The Indigenous African Spirit Technologies Program consists of a Series of 5 Intensives.
Each intensive is 5-days long.
This is the first session of five sessions.
See LINK HERE for additional information.
For Details and the Application for this powerful program, please e-mail   info@AncestralEvents.com

**NEW **

The Art of Cowry Shell Divination 
A Year-long 
Certification Training

Beginning June 27-30, 2019

CLICK HERE to Listen to Elder Malidoma describe more about this upcoming Training 

A program designed to bring you up to date on the interpretation of symbols and elemental geomancy. This program comprises four sessions. Each session is a milestone on the journey to mastery of this skill.
~Conversation with the Other World~

is an effective tool for tackling the crisis of the human psyche in modern time. Divination clarifies the meaning of the soul's quest and shed light to the obstacles to overcome on the way to successful living. In other word, divination does not just tell you what is going on in your life; it tells you what you need to do in order to flow into your gifts and fulfill your purpose. Divination provide a positive spin on human challenges by emphasizing gifts and purpose.

Divination Spread

Understanding the Elementals
We will study the cosmology under which this type of cowry shell divination operates. We will identify all the symbols pertinent to interpretation, and select our spirit shells to work with. We will also make the divination cloth, the piece of fabric that will serve as the support for spreading the elements that speak the hidden message. During our time together,we will ritually connect deeply with the Medicine of the Earth and affirm our deep rootedness in this powerful healing work.

Understanding the Symbol and 
its Position on the Cloth
This will be the first opportunity to extract meaning based on global positioning. The actual divining step is in effect when we know what a symbol says on the basis of where it is. In this session we will do map out a many interpretive direction as time allows and perform the first collective divination. During our time together, we will ritually connect with the  Medicine of the Water and cleanse away all that no longer serves us in relation to our Gift & Purpose.
The Art of Prescription and Ritual Healing 
Upon verification that we have mastered the art of telling what anything in the spread means, we will dive into the big challenge of what to do in order to improve, change, transmute or dissolve. This means, addressing issues that have become clear with a corresponding ritual initiatives. Divination is not fulfilled unless there is a way to deal with the discovery that divination made possible. During our time together, we will ritually connect with the Medicine of the Fire and connect ever deeper with the Ancestors and the Otherworld whose support with guide us forward on this journey.

Deepening of the Practice and Certification Ritual
This session will be the time when we must implore the ancestors and all spirit allies to walk with us from here on, as we go into the world to offer divination. We will ritualistically consecrate the tools of divination. We will discuss the relationship between the environment and the issues brought to divination. The vibration of the environment where people live comes with its own challenges. Therefore in different areas, people exhibit different symptoms.

**Each onsite session will include an experiential indigenous radical ritual for the future diviner. This provides personal experience with healing through African Spirit Technologies which, in effect, will deepen the diviner's ability to confidently prescribe certain healing prescriptions during the divining process.

***Register EARLY to save fees!

The Art of Cowry Shell Divination

Asheville, NC

Beginning June 27-30, 2019
Understanding the Elementals

September 26-29 , 2019
Understanding the Symbol and its Position on the Cloth

December 5-8, 2019
The Art of Prescription. Divination and Ritual Healing.

March 5-8 , 2020
Deepening of the Practice and Certification Ritual

*There will also be 4 one-hour "live" webinars with Elder Malidoma in between onsite sessions an  practice sessions with group 

For Additional Details/Registration
please see LINK or contact info@AncestralEvents.com 

The Art of Cowry Shell Divination
-A Year-long Certification Training Program 
with Elder Malidom a-

~With Over 30 Years of Bridging this World with the Otherworld~
(Training begins June 27-30, 2019~ details below)
*To honor the nature and focus of this training, Registration for this Year-long Certification Course is limited. Please apply early to secure your  spot!

October 9-13, 2019

~in the Beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains
surrounding Asheville, NC~

 Indigenous African Spirit Technologies
 Session #2

This is an exquisite opportunity to connect deeply with ancient wisdom,  powerful African Spirit Technologies, internal empowerment, remembering & healing.
"Dagara people's main job is to look the dead in the face, to treat their bodies not as remains but as temples of grace and beauty continuing from this world to the other. People grieve the passing of loved ones, though in this grief they stress beauty and community and continuity. The handing over of the loved one to the realm of the ancestors is what we call ancestralization". It allows for a sense of completion in the vast array of duties following the passing of a person. In this five-day event, we will address this issue of fulfilling our duties toward the dead in the interest of transforming restlessness into rest, discontinuity into continuity and homelessness into homecoming." 
 -Malidoma Patrice Some´

There are many souls in the west who are waiting to be assisted in their journey to the spirit world. This series of rituals, based on Dagara tradition, is designed to help them make that transition. We will spend Wednesday evening through Sunday morning planning and participating in various rituals specifically choreographed to assist the spirits of the dead make their journeys back to the spirit world. The rituals will also assist the living in letting go, in a powerful way, of attachments that might keep souls bound to this earth plane. The Dagara believe that the deceased can become powerful allies once they are fully "at home" in the ancestral realm.
*Join us as we show up with dedication, devotion and priestly commitment for the sustenance and continuity of life.

Indigenous African Spirit Technologies 
This program will be held at  Brittany's Mountain Retreat
located 12 miles NW of Asheville, NC

***To Receive a Registration Packet for this
Indigenous African Spirit Technologies 5-Day Intensive
please e-mail  Theresa@AncestralEvents.com ***

Indigenous African Spirit Technologies 
 Asheville, NC
5-Day Intensive 
 Dates: October 9th-13th, 2019
       Venue: Ancestral Events/Brittany's Mountain Retreat in Asheville, NC
If you would prefer to attend only this 5-day Intensive: Ancestralization- and are not able to commit to the entire 5-session series- please contact  Theresa@AncestralEvents.com to receive the Registration Packet about this "stand-alone" opportunity. Fees will vary.

RELOAD: For those of you who have previously experienced this 5-day intensive with Elder Malidoma- if you are interested in returning to do this powerful work (and eligible to do so), please contact the office for the registration paperwork. Elder Malidoma is now offering a discounted tuition fee for the RELOAD experience.

***Please submit your Registration Paperwork and Deposit not later than 
September 9th, 2019 as there are preparations to make upon your behalf!!  
*Save on fees by Registering Early!    Please see Application for all the details.

 Kontomblé Initiation & Divination
with Elder Malidoma Somé

November 20th - November 24th, 2019
Asheville, NC
Kontomblé Shrine in Dano, Burkina Faso, West Africa
Kontomblé Shrine in Dano, Burkina Faso, West Africa
Connecting with the Kontomblé engages us in an ongoing conversation with the Other World. Because these beings are constantly reaching out to us, it is normal to respond; the channel is a two-way road complete with a steady traffic of communication. An active contribution and participation to this two-way road provides us with clarity and comfort in what these Kontomblé people want from us, and allows us to tell them what we need from them.
To do so, we will work within the Kontomblé shrine. Because they need an earthly form to enter into, we must first give it to them in the form and shape they like. We will then spend the night in conversation, a dialogue on wisdom and on inquiries into specific issues that pertain to our lives as healers, and on ways to implement health and abundance.
See this as a confluence that merges this world to the other and celebrates continuity. We will learn how to lend our vocal selves to the other world and how to stay out of the way for them to speak to us and through us; to speak in us and with us. We must be the vessels they need to guide us through.
For those who have been working with the Kontomblé this is a chance to ground your work ever deeper with guidance from Elder Malidoma.
For those who are new to working with the Kontomblé, this is your chance to work with Elder Malidoma & Kontomblé directly.
Note: EARLY Registration = savings!!
Tuition for this 5-Day Ritual Intensive with Elder Malidoma ranges from:  $830- $1240 depending on your meal and lodging preferences and WHEN you Register:
EARLY (ends 8/18), REGULAR (between 8/19 & 10/19) or LATE (after 10/20) REGISTRATION.
To Receive Additional Information/ Application, please e-mail 
 For those of you who have previously experienced this 5-day intensive with Elder Malidoma- if you are interested in returning to do this powerful work and are eligible to do so- please contact the office for the registration paperwork. Elder Malidoma is now offering  a discounted tuition fee for the RELOAD experience.

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with Elder Malidoma

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