Adar 5778, March 2018 Masorti Newsletter


We're off to a great Spring start--a new newsletter packed with reporting on our Mission to Israel, on new advocacy programs plus some videos to enlighten and entertain...I love my new job!

By Gideon Aronoff, Executive Director
Masorti Foundation

Welcome to this first edition of the new Masorti Foundation newsletter, The Masorti Flower -- HaPerach HaMasorti

I wanted to begin by introducing myself. After more than thirty years working in Jewish and Israel-oriented organizations, in late January I began as the new Executive Director of the Masorti Foundation. Read the announcement here . Within days of arriving I launched into a whirlwind visit to Israel that was deeply inspiring--The Masorti Mission, which is covered in this newsletter. 
The final events of the Masorti Mission were a 40 th Anniversary Day of Study and a Gala celebration for the Masorti Movement. There, Masorti Foundation Board Member Rabbi Gordon Tucker, presented Beyond the Boundaries of Halacha: Theology, Zionism and Masorti Judaism, which included a powerful discussion of Israeli poet Chaim Nachman Bialik’s 1916 essay on Halacha and Agada. For Bialik and Tucker, the Agada is like a flower creating the fruit of Halacha, which in turn has within it the seed of another flower of Agada. To read Bialik's essay, in Hebrew or English, click here.

For me, the Masorti Movement and the Masorti Foundation are striving to create just this type of Masorti Flower. Unity of Agada and Halacha, of traditional Judaism and modern Israeli life, of Israel and Diaspora Jewish communities. I hope you will join with us to support and nurture this flower.

Read more of my thoughts on my first weeks as executive director here .
Warm wishes for a joyful Purim holiday.
" Beyond the Boundaries of Halacha: Theology, Zionism and Masorti Judaism"

If you didn't get to go on Masorti's 2018 mission, all is not lost! W atch this beautiful "sermon" from Rabbi Gordon Tucker connecting Tanakh, Ahad Ha’am, Heschel, Bialik, Chaim Soloveitchik and more with his aspirations for Masorti Judaism in Israel.

The First Israeli Egalitarian Siddur Goes High-Tech!
Now you can put a Masorti egalitarian prayer book in the palm of your hand! For the first time, the Va'ani Tefillati siddur is available as an app for your smartphone or tablet.

We're so grateful to the Rabbi Jeffrey and Judy Wolhberg Fund, Adas Israel in Washington, D.C., for their generous support of this inclusive siddur that aligns with our Masorti values and customs. Rabbi Wohlberg serves on the Board of Directors of the Masorti Foundation and is Rabbi Emeritus at Adas Israel.

(If you'd also like to order a print edition of the siddur, click here .)

Mission with a Mission:
Educate, Advocate & Celebrate Masorti's 40th!

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the founding of Masorti in Israel was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for our group of "missionaries." We had a chance to learn and to educate. To experience the many vibrant Masorti kehillot. To advocate for our values at the Knesset. And to participate in a Day of Learning followed by a Gala with keynote speaker Natan Sharanky.

Join Over 700 Supporters of the Vision Statement:
Israel as a Jewish Democratic State

The Masorti Foundation together with the Masorti Movement in Israel are uniting with colleagues from across the religious spectrum in North America and Israel, to promote a powerful grassroots statement on the meaning of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state. To date, over 700 people have signed.

Read this passionate and inspiring vision statement . Sign on! And share the link with your friends who support Masorti's inclusive, modern and traditional vision of Israel. Participate in building the Israel of our highest aspirations.

A video that's sure to bring extra joy to your Purim

For a truly exhilarating experience, watch a video of Lior Narkiss and Omer Adam, performing "Revolution of Joy," complete with English subtitles. It is pure joy, shared courtesy of our partners in the Masorti Movement, Rav Siach. Start celebrating Purim; if you dance along to the video, you can work off some Hamen Taschen!
Exciting news: Masorti is now on Twitter and Instagram in addition to Facebook.
Be sure to follow us there to keep up with all that's happening at the Masorti Foundation for Conservative Judaism in Israel.