Mazal Tov!
Join us in celebrating some "mazal tov" moments from members of our congregation. Below you will find beautiful photos from births, B'nai Mitzvah and weddings that happened from August-December 2020. 

We would love to know what you are celebrating in your life including retirements, graduations or any other special moments. Please email Rebecca to share them with us.
New Babies
Left to right
Oliver Ka-Shing Chan, child of Rebecca Frazin-Chan and Kenny Chan, 9/1/2020
Halen Scher Jacobson, grandchild of Nancy Fern, 11/3/2020
Samuel Kaplan, child of Rachel and Max Kaplan, 10/14/2020
Scarlett Noa Sheppard, child of Adam and Carly Sheppard, 12/30/2020
Albert Jacob Wood, child of Alexandria Stockman and Michael Wood, 8/20/2020
B'nai Mitzvah
Left to right: first row
Cyrus Black, child of Brian and Heiji Black, 12/12/2020
Rowan Boyle, child of Gregory and Cassandra Boyle, 9/12/2020
Lizzie Eberhard, child of Jeffrey and Sarah Eberhard, 8/29/2020
Dashiell Farbrother, child of Samantha Sanders and John Farbrother, 11/14/2020

Left to right: second row
Luke Gahan, child of Daniel and Rebecca Gahan, 10/24/2020
Mia Kotler, child of Jennifer and Brad Kotler, 10/17/2020
Ben Laytin, child of Kerry Maloney Laytin and Daniel Laytin, 11/7/2020
Aden Portugal, child of Sarah and Jeff Portugal, 10/31/2020

Left to right: third row
Luca Presser, child of Shari Berland and Marcelo Presser, 9/26/2020
Max Satterfield, child of Ryan and Beth Satterfield, 9/12/2020
Judah Solomon, child of Jonathan and Yuki Solomon, 10/24/2020
Olivia Weber, child of Michael and Roopa Weber, 10/2/2020
Left to right: first row
Chuck Douthit and Jill Gould, 9/21/2020
Jeff Hansen and Michele Lasky, 9/29/2020
Abdul Mazin and Haley Schulman, 10/3/2020
Scott McCorkle and Clara Roche, 9/20/2020
Left to right: second row
Peter Michalik and Katie Bergman-Bock, 9/10/2020
Jeff Miller and Marissa Brattain, 8/7/2020
Brandon Rosenbloom and Emily Simon, 10/23/2020
Adam Rothschild and Jamie Schiller, 9/15/2020
Harry Seigle and Debra Van Winkle, 11/7/2020
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