On The Edge of Things

Let's be honest, for several months now, we've all been more than edgy...we've been down right, on edge! But over the years, I've learned that we almost always meet Jesus on the "edge" of things; places like emergency rooms, graveyards, and military deployments.
After that first Easter, the followers of Jesus were lost, confused, and on edge. Although Jesus had promised never to leave them alone, they had little idea where he was and what had happened. They were living on the edge of things.
Between now and the end of May, I'll be preaching a series of sermons about those who met Jesus after he'd risen from the grave...yet before he ascended into the kingdom of God. The disciples were living on the edge of things...and that's exactly where we all find ourselves at this time.  (Rex)
APRIL 18        Women First                            Luke 24:1-10
APRIL 25        On The Road                            Luke 24:13-35
MAY 2             Locked In A Room                    Luke 24:36-43
         MAY 9              Returning to Work                   John 21:1-23
         MAY 16            Almost a Disciple                     Acts 1:13-26
MAY 23            Staring at the Heavens            Luke 24:50-51
MAY 30            The Gift                                  Acts 2:14-40