Hello me buddies!
It is me... Archie!

Me is reporting me weather report to yew today from me little garden...

Yippee! April showers brought us May flowers!

...and who is a flower's best friend?

Lady Bugs & Bees of course!

Me is buzzing with excitement today as me gets to introduce yew to
Beatrice & Gwen ~ The Ladybug Bummlies !
Their polka dot wings are fluttering with excitement!
Gwen & Beatrice cannot wait to buzz right over & play with yew!
They join Bizzy & Buzzy ~ The Pug-a-Bee Bummlies to make yew SMILE!
The Ladybug Bummlie
The Ladybug Bummlie
The Pug-a-Bee Bummlie
The Pug-a-bee Bummlie
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