Ian has spent a lifetime in and around the art of innovation. Graduating from Demontfort University in the United Kingdom with a major in 3D Design, he began his career by challenging an uninspired industry - furniture and cabinet-making. The abundance of projects that Ian has influenced range from products as simple as oil bottles, to complex pieces of computer hardware. Ian has helped to conceptualize many of the pieces of playground equipment that you see at public parks today! He has planned product portfolios and led strategic planning projects for multi-million dollar businesses.
As time advanced, Ian's perspective and level of education progressed. He obtained his MBA from Loyola University and evolved as an innovator through shifting focus from the creation of new products to the consumption of them. Working on enterprise-level research projects to understand customer personas and their journey through the buying process, his goal was to understand the "why?" behind product innovation.

Ian feels inspired to help others with the knowledge that he has gained. Later in his career, he authored and taught college courses centered around marketing and product development, operated a management consulting business, and fondly remembers teaching Susquehanna University's 'Innovate or Die' program. Ian is currently the Engineering Innovation Manager for the Bucknell University SBDC and can usually be found on the weekend making one-of-a-kind furniture creations in his woodshop.
​Our conferences and curriculum culminate into a fast-paced competition. We emphasize creative thinking, problem-solving skills, and team building. Students practice the skills necessary for writing a successful business plan, written and oral communication, math proficiency, economic understanding, technological competence, and business aptitude. These are skills which help to prepare students for the business world!
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