Jai Baba!
Programs in 2017
At the Avatar Meher Baba Center of So. California
M e h e r a b o d e
1214 South Van Ness Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90019
telephone: (323) 731-3737
All Programs open to the Public
All Programs free of charge 
                            (unless otherwise noted)

Dec. 10:


(a Meherabode Christmas Celebration) 

Dec. 17:

"Celebrating the Purest Soul in the Universe: 
Beloved Baba's Mehera"

(hosted by Lois Jones)

December Calendar

Sunday,  Dec.  10:   "Mehermas" (a Meherabode 
                              Christmas Celebration)                    
Tuesday, Dec.  12:   Young Adults' Discourses Group
Sunday,  Dec.  17:    "Celebrating the Purest Soul
                               in the Universe: Beloved Baba's
                               Mehera" (hosted by Lois Jones)                          
Tuesday, Dec.  19 :  Young Adults' Discourses Group
Sunday,  Dec.  24:    Closed
Sunday, December 10
11:00 am - 11:30 am: Coffee / Tea / Fellowship
11:30 am - 1:00 pm:

               (a Meherabode Christmas Celebration)

The Joyful Celebration Continues!

Chris and Pris are back and will lead us in carols!        
(Plus other surprise singers! )       

Everybody come join us in celebrating the Advents of the Avatar, which will culminate in a celebration of the birth of Christ!

Let us sing carols, hear beautiful music and join in "creative" singalongs.

Lois will be hosting this favorite annual event and there will be lots of great food and much fun and festiveness to be shared by all! Our "Gift  Exchange" is optional, but for those who choose to participate a simple gift suitable for a man or a woman is suggested.   
Artwork by Teri Adams.
If children wish to take part in this they should bring a gift for another child. We encourage you to invite friends and/or relatives and we welcome those who are not familiar with or have ever heard of Meher Baba.  
We will be trimming the tree at the beginning so if you would like to help with that feel free to bring an ornament, or you can simply 
choose one or two from those that will be available here.  Come join us for our happy and unique expression of the glory of the Avatar in the figure of the Christ!

Jai Baba!

Also Happening at Meherabode
Tuesday, December 12


Tuesday Nights

The Young Adults' Discourses Group continues its weekly meetings, which are open to younger-generation Baba-lovers & Seekers.

7:00 - 7:30 pm   Fellowship & tea
7:30 - 9:00 pm   Reading & Discussion

The subject of study and discussion is Meher Baba's  Discourses, which are available in print (e.g. at  Meher Baba Books). The  Discourses are also accessible online here:

Each week we chronologically read a Discourse and discuss how it relates to our daily lives. Come join us and delve into Meher Baba's amazing  Discourses like never before!

Here's our Facebook page:

If you have any questions please contact Aaron Hemeon:

Jai Baba!

The NEW 2018 Meher Baba Calendar has arrived!

Available now in our bookstore or to order online!

Makes a Great Christmas Gift!!!

2018 Calender #1
Visit Meher Baba Books, our Bookstore online:

MEHER BABA BOOKS has a New Look in 2018!

Come Visit Our Newly Redesigned and Redecorated Bookstore!

(talk to Behnaz about any special requests or suggestions)

Photo by Brent Carter

Meher Baba Books exists both in the brick & mortar real world and also online as a purveyor of books, CDs, DVDs, and specialty items relating to Avatar Meher Baba -- including Baba's major published works, biographies chronicling his life and work, and diverse offerings.  The bookstore is a successor to a sequence of Meher Baba Bookstores that have been a feature of Southern California since the late 1960s onward.
This bookstore is a public-service activity of the Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southern California (AMBCSC).  The most essential aim of Meher Baba Books, consistent with AMBCSC's Mission Statement, involves the spread of Meher Baba's message of Love and Truth.


Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southern California 
1214 S. Van Ness Avenue 
Los Angeles, CA  90019 

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December is the final month of our Food Drive. Please bring non-perishable food donations to our Center!

"Real Happiness Lies in Making Others Happy"
(Avatar Meher Baba)

Food Donaton Box at Meherabode.

Your dried or canned food donations will be given out to the needy this Holliday Season. 

More Southern California Meetings

Mondays at 7 PM in South Bay (San Pedro)
Call Glenn and Payam Russ:  (310) 519-7776
  Santa BarbaraMonthly Meetings
Call Donnalyn Karpeles:  (805) 682-1877

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Visit Meher Baba Books, our Bookstore online:

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