Bailey Coach

Today we highlight  Bailey Coach in our #MemberMondays series.

John Bailey started Bailey Coach in 1998, while he was still operating his $40 million, family-run travel agency, Bailey Travel Service. He began with two buses and the knowledge gained from working for a bus company in the mid-1970s, doing everything from office operations to driving buses and cleaning the vehicles.   

Bailey Coach's fleet eventually grew to 15 buses and 15 sedans and vans for airport transport. He employed a staff of 62, averaging 400 dispatches per month and transporting some 130,000 people each year.

On March 16, 2020 Bailey Coach completed their last revenue run before the coronavirus pandemic halted business.  "I just really had a difficult time knowing that I couldn't do more," he said.

The day he let his employees go, John wandered over to the area where post-trip cleaning was done and spotted the electrostatic sprayer they had bought to disinfect the inside of vehicles.  "When I saw this thing, the light bulb went off. Why not offer sanitizing services to area businesses?"

John quickly made up a flyer and sent it out to their email list. His bank called, wanting its headquarters sanitized.   Then, the bank wanted its 15 branches sanitized once a week.  

Word spread, including via some local media reports, and John suddenly had a new business: Bailey's Zero Hazard!  

He bought seven more sprayers and is also distributing sprayers ($650 each) and a sanitizing hypochlorous acid ($35 a gallon) from provider Zero Hazard.  Bailey's Zero Hazard now disinfects 70 to 80 businesses weekly.

John has brought about 18 employees back to work in the sanitizing business, and he hopes to bring back more as Bailey's Zero Hazard grows.

Bailey Coach
Bailey's Zero Hazard

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