Petrocon Corporation
Today we highlight GNJMA Silver Sponsor, Petrocon Corporation in our #MemberMondays series.

Petrocon Corporation is a national trade organization operating in North America, representing consumers in the commercial and industrial manufacturing sectors. Their corporate headquarters are located near Washington D.C., with a local presence in the tri-state area. They work closely with affiliate trade associations within specific manufacturing and transportation sectors. Their client relationship is built on trust, integrity, and industry-specific experience that offers products and programs designed to lower overall procurement costs to our valued clients.

Are you frustrated with how much your operating costs have risen in the past year? Are you looking for another option?

Petrocon has been helping companies lower their operating costs, reduce product inventory and maintain their fleets and equipment since 2007...

"We're doing something special for trucking and construction companies to help them save money through leveraged buying power. Petrocon is the only commercial buying group designed to help you lower costs in key commodities while improving the way you apply these products into your fleet. We build as much value from our supplier network to improve your business and maximize your profits." Joseph D. Giovinazzo, President.

Imagine saving up to 20% of your operating costs in key commodities such as lubricants and greases, antifreeze, DEF, commercial tires and even shop chemicals. These savings go right to your bottom line.
Look for Carmen Beinhauer of Petrocon at the 2021 GNJMA Annual Meeting on October 7th at Resorts Casino and Hotel in Atlantic City! She will also be on the golf course and at the Mini-Marketplace!
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