The L&W Team

Today we highlight The L&W Team in our #MemberMondays series.

Operators turned technology nerds, The L&W Team helps operators boost their bottom line by making it easier to run the business. Through the magic of technology, they put your paper forms onto an app that liberates your data from stacks on your desk to actionable metrics.
The L&W Team knows that the automation of processes that happen every day will be key to future success. When your managers can focus on their employees instead of their paperwork, it frees their time to do their real job - growing the business back to health.
If you're overwhelmed by paperwork and spreadsheets, The L&W Team can help you. 

They are hosting a webinar via Zoom on Tuesday, August 25th at 11am EDT to share with GNJMA members how to save time and money using technology.  Register here.

In an effort to help the industry they love, they have been writing letters and speaking with Congressional leaders to help ensure that the CERTS Act is included in the final stimulus package. Via a letter writing campaign and setting 10+ appointments with legislative offices, they are working hard on behalf of the entire industry to get funding.  

In addition, they have put together a tracking chart (linked to a website) of where each state stands in support in the form of co-sponsorship from representatives (House and Senate).  

While Congress provides this information online (HR 7642 and S 4150), this chart is a helpful visual to show progress.  It also may be more up-to-date given the current recess in DC. 

The L&W Team
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Patricia Cowley
Executive Director
Telephone:  908-750-4538
Website: www.gnjma.com

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