Kelly Anderson Group 

We highlight GNJMA member, and Platinum Sponsor Kelly Anderson Group in our #MemberMondays series.   

Kelly Anderson Group's knowledge and reliability is their passion for the industry and is relative to their strong values, their quality work, and their exceptional client service!

At Kelly Anderson Group (KAG), what they do best is help transportation companies Find, Recruit, Retain, and Train your drivers and staff. They teach proven management, recruiting, and retention techniques through seminars, webcasts, and one-on-one consulting. Beyond this, they offer training and an e-Learning tool to build up your entire workforce – from the shop floor to the corner office.

GNJMA members enjoy special discounted pricing from KAG. Contract Loi Le direct for more information at 479-599-9498; loi@kellyandersongroup.com.

"We are so happy to be a member of the GNJMA! Working alongside of great companies has been an ongoing blessing. Our company goal is for the success of the motorcoach/bus industry. Partnering by providing the service of finding, recruiting, retaining and training drivers is what we do!" - Loi Le

Kelly Anderson Group
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