Sunday, April 14th, 1-4pm

Meet & Greet: 1:00-1:30pm
Presentation: 1:30-3:00pm
Q&A: 3:00-4:00pm

Happy Hour: 4:00-6:00pm
Location will be announced at the workshop

The main paradox of modern dating sites is that people, we really like, do not like us, and unfortunately, we don’t like those people who like us. And even if we finally find that mutual like, then it just doesn’t stick for long or turns out to be not what we are looking for. Endless disappointment that kills any hope that a perfect match even exists.

Things are not as pessimistic as they seem to be. The reality we experience is the result of our projections and beliefs, but of course, we don’t want to believe and accept it and find all kind of excuses and continue to blame the sad universe for the lack the abundance of great people we could be happy ever after with.

How to change that and where to start? 

Join us and learn
the main barriers on the way to finding the right partner and
a few very simple dating strategies
that can make a huge difference in your dating experience
almost immediately. 

We will cover the most popular topics that are crucial for your dating success: 

  • What are the most common dating patterns and how to improve it?
  • Which dating style is the most successful and why?
  • What are the main dating mistakes that kill romance and attraction?
  • How to improve dating communication through texts and in person?
  • How to obtain romantic reciprocity and to keep mutual attraction growing?
  • What are the modern days flirting rules
  • How to attract who you want and not just who wants you? 
  • What is "love significance" and how to grow is? 
Question and Answer

We will go over the most common dating mistakes and
will learn tools for successful dating communication
by using real-life examples and study cases
***If you want to keep your confidentiality, you are welcome to send me your personal dating question and I will try to address it during the workshop

***All registered guests will receive a detailed outline for the workshop and a few complimentary dating coaching materials

Seattle based, 53yo, tall, fit, successful business owner, has two teenagers kids, traditional, old-fashioned gentleman, kindhearted, funny and generous! He is looking for marriage and ideally to have another child. His perfect match is 30-40yo, natural beauty, educated, intelligent, feminine, classy, into a healthy lifestyle, please no drug users or smokers. He is open to date a woman with kids and outside Seattle areas if she is open to relocating. No religious or political preferences. This is not a search for Victoria Secrets models even though they are welcome ;-)


Seattle based, 51yo, environmentalist, entrepreneur, and published author, grew up in an observant Jewish household with very liberal values; a moderately observant Jew, along with incorporating Buddhist philosophies. Both quick-witted and serious, loving and compassionate, he has a penchant for martinis, bluegrass music, a great pinot noir, and cooking. While extremely committed to his work, he has plenty of time to enjoy his hobbies which primarily include hiking, flying, motorcycles, and travel. As a long-time pops series symphony ticket holder, he enjoys the arts and theatre. Equally comfortable in black-tie or a cabin in the woods.
He is looking for a serious relationship leading to a marriage (no future kids, her kids ok) with a warm, kind and loving woman 35-45yo, under 5'6", passionate and sensual, compassionate, positive attitude, socially and politically liberal, organized, responsible and financially stable. She enjoys a healthy lifestyle but still knows how to party and have a great time. She Loves dogs! Likes to entertain, or just hang out for a relaxing weekend. Enjoys the outdoors. Can hold her own at a party and has a good sense of humor. Religion doesn't matter but she is willing to participate in Jewish rituals and holidays.

Bellevue based, 59, classy, sophisticated, successful, executive management, grown kids, ready to begin a new chapter in his life with a special someone to stay young with, to enjoy life, to live in the moment, to be spontaneous and to stay open to all the new and exciting things life has to offer - biking, hiking, skiing, traveling, concerts, plays, sporting events, sunset dinners, surprise getaways and anything else my partner might be interested in.

In the boardroom, his passion is to lead change that can make people’s lives easier and more fulfilling. At home, he is a family man with a loving, tender heart. He is a hopeless romantic and enjoys glamorous evenings, fine dining, casual out-and-abouts, but doesn’t mind relaxing at home with a glass of great wine by the fire. There is nothing sexier than a great intellectual and mind stimulating conversation. He is traditional and a true gentleman and enjoys treating a woman like a lady.

He is looking for a traditional woman 45-55 preferably with grown kids and local, curvy, stylish and feminine, who wants to be cherished and taken care of in her heart, regardless of how independent she may be. He believes strongly that masculine and feminine complement each other and each has a different role to play. His desire for you is to find what you’re passionate about. If you’re already there, that’s fantastic. If you aren’t yet, he is in a position to allow you to do anything you want to do. The best teams are made up of people with unique abilities and desires who come together for a single purpose.


Redmond-based, in his early 30s, over 6 ft tall and athletic, AI Scientist / Program Manager, currently studying doctoral level artificial intelligence, seeks a fun-loving and active partner for serious relationship and marriage. He enjoys fine dining, traveling, working out, exploring the outdoors, movies, and board games. His special someone will be 25-35yo, ambitious, open-minded, and have a boundless sense of humor, stable and emotionally available, has no kids but open to it in the future, fit and a bit geeky is a huge plus.


A famous neuroscientist, Ph.D., in his early 50s, blue eyes, divorced, no kids, athletic, with a good sense of humor, Seattle based, affectionate, intellectual, sophisticated, looking for serious relationship and possibly marriage. He is attracted to pretty, slim, fit, athletic good-looking confident women with beautiful contagious smiles, turned on by brains, witty humor and intellectual stimulation. He is open to date women with kids and outside of Seattle.

"A few words about a special person who changed my life. Her name is Sophia. If you ask for her advise be ready for honest opinion, but you will never hear judgment. She always surprises me with her kindness and understanding. She can comfort you, inspire you, and motivate you. Knowledgeable, professional, she is sincerely investing in you her time and all means to find the right match for you and will help you to navigate through all bumps on the road building your new relationship. She is here for you. She never left my call unanswered, text message not returned. She is constantly working on personal growth so she can help us generously sharing her knowledge. I am grateful to know her. She made me a better person. Sophia, you are a rear gem, truly beautiful in and out."
~ Christine, coaching client, 40yo, Seattle WA, April, 2019

"After another longly Valentine’s evening home, I decided that was enough. And it’s time to do something about my personal life. Searching through Internet I came across Sophia’s matchmaking site. Without much of a hope I submitted my profile. To my surprise she called me in a few days and took her time to get to know me. I am not a model, not young, not rich. There were dates, joy and disappointment, but Sophia never gave up on me supporting me all the way that one day there will be the right match for me. And she was right. One day she called and said:”He is the one.” She knew. We are dating now for four month. We are not perfect and have our moments but we are right for each other as Sophia predicted. She is always available for us whether we want to share our happiness or discuss the bump on the road. Thank you Sophia for your kind heart and amazing job you are doing bringing people together."
~ Anna, certified database member, 53yo, Seattle WA, February 2019

"There are many options for finding your mate in Puget Sound from online dating services to serious matchmaking individuals. Sophia cuts right through the noise and will connect you with someone that fits with you perfectly. Sophia will work with you to understand who you really are and what type of personality will complement your life. There is no comparable person or service in the Seattle-Tacoma area. Time with Sophia is time very well spent. She is a real gem."
~ Tony, successfully matched matchmaking client, 63 yo, Eastside
 Make your love story come true in 2019!

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“Love is not a deal, which many call marriage, not a passion that looks like melodrama, not an animalistic desire that people are hunting after so desperately, instead, it is a deep feeling of respect for another person and everything in their life and an incredible desire to fill it with joy and beauty.”
~ Sophia Andreeva

"While it is your greatest desire to be fulfilled, there is often a belief suggesting that only through your specific personal desires can fulfillment come to be. This can create a tendency of chasing after the fulfillment of each desire, not knowing it is the constant pursuit of desire that blocks your ability to receive fulfillment. When too much seeking isn’t balanced with moments of gratitude and reflection, it creates aversions to circumstances where anything other than evidence of your personal desires are judged, overlooked, and denied.

Along a heart-centered path, desires may come and go and whether fulfilled or not, true fulfillment is not measured by how many personal desires are realized. Instead, fulfillment is honored as an awareness of grace or how deeply you are willing to receive the gift of each miraculous moment. When attached to desires, you are likely to be only looking for evidence of new things coming your way. If such proof isn’t found, you are likely to perceive another unfulfilling day engaging with the boredom of the same old things.

As you learn to separate the reality of fulfillment with the fantasy of personal desire, you are able to be nourished, sustained, and rejuvenated by your own vibration of light throughout each passing breath. While this doesn’t mean you won’t or shouldn’t live out the fantasy of any desire, you no longer rely on it as your imagined gateway to fulfillment. Instead, it is your willingness to receive all that is given, while daring to view the same old things from new and exciting perspectives that allows a depth of fulfillment beyond your most insatiable desires to blossom into being. This is the heart of true integration."
~ Matt Kahn