October 22
What's In Today's Email?
1) Monday and Wednesday Students

2) Shorter Recital

3) Arrive early for Recital

4) Halloween Recital Info

5) Recital Treats
Monday Students
We are still having classes even though there is no school on Monday October 29th for SVUSD.
Nov 12th Veteran’s Day
Monday the 12th, the studio will be closed
UNLESS you are Sabrina’s student.
She will still be teaching that day.
If you prefer to reschedule to a different day, let us know.
Wednesday Students
Wednesday October 31st
Halloween is coming
We are teaching all day, so plan ahead if you want to reschedule.
Shorter Recital

The 11 AM recital is full. If you want to come to a shorter recital , let us know and we'll switch you to the 9AM recital.
Performers: Come Early

Vocalists and Instrumentalists:
Come warm up or tune with your teacher
Please arrive an hour before your recital time

Piano students should arrive 30 mins before recital time.

Students will sit in an assigned seat or in the back row.

Bring Music Books

Musicians please be sure that you bring your music books to the recital. Vocalists will need it for the pianist. Guitar students typically have their music on a stand. Most piano students have their music memorized.
Recital Warm-Up Rooms

Brooke's Students - Allegro Room

Vocalists (ages 8 and up) - Bravo Room
First come first serve with pianist
Sign up on clipboard for 3 minutes.
This should be a run-through for the pianist
Coaching should be in another room

Sabrina's Students - Crescendo Room

Guitar Students - Presto Room
Will has graciously agreed to help tune and prep guitar students

Reagan's Students - Tango Room
Recital Dress

Performers: Please dress up in a Halloween costume or wear a Glee t-shirt.
Halloween Treat Sign-up!
Need help?

Just email us with schedule, make-ups or billing questions.