Mystery Shopping...for positive admission results
Elite Consultants Inc. Summer Edition

Higher Education Mystery Phone and Interview Shopping has been predominately used (and rightfully so) for compliance purposes. 


Now, more and more of the schools we work with are discovering the real value of our mystery shop is the positive impact it has made on each admission professional in addition to overall admissions team results.


We view our service as a tool that will raise staff awareness on how they can improve and empower more students. Call me to discuss how our services can help you achieve results.



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What are Industry Professionals saying about Elite's Mystery Shopping...
"I have spent a considerable time in my career involved with admissions, so I needed to work with someone who I felt not only got it, but understood the underlying implications of both admissions management as well as admissions training. Maureen was my choice, and as it turned out, a good choice. I have continued to work with her on different projects and she has not disappointed me in both her talent and tenacity. I recommend anyone who wants some sincere admissions support as well as a partner - get a hold of Maureen." 
David Ruggieri, CEO Florida Technical College

"Maureen and Elite serve as a third party validation that our admission advisors are doing a good job representing the university to prospective students. We have worked with Maureen for several years and appreciate the good work done by her team and the thoroughness of her reports."
Mary Adams, President at American Sentinel University

"Elite's mystery shopping program is extremely timely and worth considering for anyone needing to add a powerful admissions tool and layer of compliance enforcement."
Mitch Talenfeld, CEO - MDT Marketing | Strategic Planning | Marketing Technology Systems and Solutions | Digital Advertising
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Maureen Clary

President & COO

Elite Consultants Inc.

Conclusions require clarity! 
Our mission is to help empower your staff which in turn will help empower your entire school.

Why Elite?
(1) We've been successfully shopping schools longer than any other firm within higher education and our entire staff is made up of seasoned admissions professionals.
(2)  We develop business relationships that you can trust, as your interests become our priority.  
(3)  We provide schools with a complete array of service options. Audio and video taping, transcription, shopper summaries and expert shopping critiques. You select the options, we provide the service. 
(4)  Our shoppers are not actors posing as students but true prospects that fit your schools student demographic.