While Packing, Don't Forget!
NATCA's 17th Biennial Convention in Philadelphia is next week. As you pack, don't forget important items like:
  • A copy of the NATCA constitution (The business of Convention is the NATCA constitution.)
  • Your phone and charger (Using the event app is the best way to stay informed at Convention.)
  • Comfortable walking shoes (We encourage members to walk between the official hotels, the Pennsylvania Convention Center, and the evening venues.)
  • Hoodies and layers to keep warm (Weather in Philadelphia in April still could be chilly, especially at night.)
  • An extra bag or save room in your suitcase to carry home all of your new Convention merchandise.
What to Wear
Dress for comfort, but show your NATCA spirit! Here's the plan for dressing during Convention business hours:
  • On Wednesday, wear your favorite NATCA shirt or hoodie, showing off your facility or committee spirit.
  • On Thursday, wear your official regional Convention shirt that you will receive at Convention. (A few regions handed their shirts out at the pre-convention meetings. If you didn't receive it at your pre-convention meeting, you will receive it at Convention.)
  • On Friday, wear the official NATCA Convention shirt that you will receive at registration.
Amendments, Proposed Standing Rules, Resolutions
Among other issues awaiting consideration during Convention business this week, delegates will consider amendments having to do with seniority, convention costs, retirement benefits, inherently governmental functions, and FAA's funding source. As a resource for delegates to better understand each issue, the NATCA National Office has prepared white papers and spreadsheets. Delegates can find these documents in these locations:
Proposals were mailed to all members. Click here for an electronic version. The National Convention body will vote on all proposals that are in order and properly before the body.

If you have any questions please contact a Constitution Committee member. Article XIV Section 1 of the NATCA Constitution covers this subject.
Get geared up for photo scavenger hunts! 
As part of NATCA's 17th Biennial Convention in Philadelphia, there will be a photo scavenger hunt game for attendees in the Convention app. The game will get you to engage with classes, activities, and other attendees by sharing photos to complete challenges, earn badges, and win prizes provided by NATCA. First, participants can be entered to win prizes from the NATCA National Legislative Committee by completing a scavenger hunt at the Opening Reception at the National Constitution Center. Then, participants have two additional opportunities to win prizes from the Reloaded and RESPECT committees at the convention center on Wednesday through Friday.
Complete the scavenger hunt and visit the booth hosted by the Reloaded Committee at the convention center (Wednesday through Friday) for chance to win:
  • Two round trip tickets from American Airlines
  • (1) $250 Amazon gift card
  • Misc. Convention merchandise
Complete the scavenger hunt and engage with the RESPECT Committee at the convention center (Wednesday through Friday) to be entered to win:
  • (1) $250 Amazon gift card
Complete the "Meet the signers!" scavenger hunt at the National Constitution Center (on Tuesday evening only) and be entered to win from the National Legislative Committee:           
  • (3) $100 Amazon gift cards 
Here are the game rules:
The Convention app will include a list of prompts for those actions necessary to win badges to earn entry for prizes. Show your completed badge to the respective committee(s) for entry. By submitting your photos, you consent to that photo being shared on NATCA's social media and in member communications. NATCA staff will be reviewing all photo submissions. Any photo is subject to removal by the game administrator at any time. Submissions will be removed, and participants may be disqualified from winning any game prizes, if one of their submissions:
  • contains profanity or obscene gestures
  • is a violation of the Hatch Act
  • is off-topic or irrelevant
  • is hostile or harassing (Please post in solidarity.)
  • shows consumption of alcoholic beverages
You need to be on the app to participate in these games. Learn more and download the app here.

Interested in Attending a Pre-Convention Class? 
Many of you have pre-registered to take advantage of our exciting lineup of pre-convention classes on Tuesday, April 17, at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. If you didn't pre-register, it's not too late to take advantage of these great opportunities to learn and get more involved with our Union. No advance registration is needed. The list of classes is here:
Building a Stronger Local
Instructors: Reloaded Committee
Time: 2:30 - 4:30 p.m.
Description: This is an interactive class designed to enhance the strength of your local by emphasizing the importance of teamwork, education, and communication. Learn how everyone - from FacRep to member - plays an essential role within the local.
Why you should take this class: Building a stronger local all starts with your local leadership and those members who step up to fill other important roles from legislative activist to safety rep and much more. Increasingly, each individual member plays a role that has a direct and profound impact on the strength of the entire local.
How to Have A Difficult Conversation
Instructors: Reloaded Committee
Time: Noon - 2 p.m.
Description: Not every problem has a perfect solution, but communication is the key to working through difficult conversations and finding the right path forward. Communicating can be hard, even more so when there is a conflict or disagreement, a personal issue, or a problem to address. This class is an opportunity for NATCA members to learn constructive ways to have those tough conversations.
Why you should take this class: As a NATCA leader, whether attending Convention as a representative for your local or a passionate NATCAvist, you face situations frequently where you have to deliver bad news, share feedback people don't want to hear, or correct erroneous behavior or practices. This class will help you learn to carry out these tough discussions while maintaining collaborative relationships in solidarity for the good of your brothers and sisters.
Importance of Pre-Construction Meetings
Instructors: OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) Committee
Time: Noon - 2 p.m.
Description: Construction and maintenance activities can have occupational safety and health, and environmental related impacts on air traffic and airway facilities operations. As aviation safety professionals, your attendance and attention to these important collaborative events is vital.
Why you should take this class: Meetings might not sound like the most exciting way to spend your time. But NATCA members know that as stewards of the National Airspace System, any opportunity to learn how changes to a work environment or situation could impact the health and safety of members and/or the flying public is one you should seize. This class will share the tools needed to motivate members to attend, teach what to listen for, and show you where to get the resources that are at your disposal during such a critical time.
How to Keep your Local out of Jail
Instructors: Finance Committee
Time: 1 - 3:30 p.m.
Description: Learn the correct ways to keep track of your local's financial records and various other documents, and improve your knowledge of NATCA, the Department of Labor, and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rules. Understand the importance of strict record-keeping, having consistent financial records for your local, and how to provide written documentation to meet financial guidelines.
Why you should take this class: If you have any role dispersing or keeping the finances for your local, you can't afford to make mistakes - it really could land you or someone else in jail. Don't miss this opportunity to gain a better understanding of what you need to have on record to keep your union local running smoothly and legally.
Know your OSHA and OWCP Rights
Instructors: OSHA and OWCP Committees
Time: 2:30- 4:30 p.m.
Description: Learn the requirements and rights that apply to you as related to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Office of Workers' Compensation Programs (OWCP).
Why you should take this class: As a NATCA representative, part of your role is working to protect yourself and your brothers and sisters from an unhealthy or unsafe working environment. Use this opportunity at the Convention to become fluent on the basics of OSHA and OWCP requirements and how the two regulations work hand in hand to keep members safe and the National Airspace System safe and effective.
Mock Convention
Instructors: Constitution Committee
Time: 45 min. duration
Classes begin at: 
  • Noon
  • 1 p.m.
  • 2 p.m.
  • 3 p.m.
Description: It can be intimidating to go to the microphone during Convention. Learn techniques to better prepare yourself, with special guest President Emeritus John Carr.
Why you should take this class: Members will watch and may volunteer to participate in a mock convention. This immersive experience will help participants understand the process of conducting business at Convention, including how to address the Chair of the Convention and make motions to conduct business on the convention floor. You will learn about the history of Convention, how to make changes to proposals, and the parliamentary procedure of using Robert's Rules of Order.
Instructors: Reloaded Committee
Time: Noon - 2 p.m.
Description: This class is a basic education of what NATCA is, where our Union comes from, what NATCA can offer members, and why. The class is intended to introduce newer members to the organization and structure of NATCA, as well as refresh and encourage those looking to get more involved.
Why you should take this class: Even for veteran NATCA members, NATCA 101 is a great look at labor history, including an overview of the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization (PATCO) and NATCA history. This class also educates members about the many national and local resources available to them. Don't miss this chance for a refresher on all things NATCA, whether it's your first Convention or you're honing your NATCAvist fluency in Philadelphia.
Instructors: NATCA Charitable Foundation
Time: 2:30 - 4:30 p.m.
Note: This class is open to all NATCA members and any family and friends attending Convention.
Description: This class is a brief overview of the history of the NATCA Charitable Foundation (NCF) and the organization's current structure. You'll learn about the symbiotic relationship between NCF, the Union, and its members.
Why you should take this class: NCF exists for the benefit of the communities in which NATCA members live. Make a difference in the lives of the people and causes dearest to you by learning how to organize and participate in the wide range of charitable programs NCF sponsors by getting involved at the individual, local, regional, and national levels.
Say Again: Effective Communication Techniques
Instructors: Reloaded Committee
Time: 2:30 - 4:30 p.m.
Description: Whether it's a face-to-face conversation, a text, or a written email exchange, a meaningful message entails establishing a connection that leaves a powerful impression. Discover the different methods of communication and the best ways to use them.
Why you should take this class: NATCA's recent legacy has been our commitment to collaboration - working with others to find mutually beneficial solutions to the hardest problems facing the National Airspace System. Working well with others is impossible without effective communication. Join your NATCA brothers and sisters in this continuing push by learning to communicate effectively, no matter the circumstance.
Getting Around

Travel Arrival Survey
NATCA volunteers will be greeting Convention attendees at Philadelphia International Airport. Help us optimize the volunteer schedule, by letting us know your arrival info. Take survey here.

The Pennsylvania Convention Center is conveniently located near all three Convention hotels. When entering the building, please use the doors on Broad St. to save yourself a long walk to access NATCA activities. Lost? Detailed maps are available in the NATCA app. Learn more and download app here.
Travel to Hotels from Philadelphia Airport
Convention attendees should take a SEPTA train from the PHL airport to Center City. Trains run 7 days a week every 30 minutes from 5 a.m. to midnight. If you take transportation other than SEPTA when SEPTA is operating, you will be personally responsible for costs you incur. NATCA volunteers will be greeting Convention attendees in the baggage claim areas at the airport to direct you to a SEPTA station and give you a fare card. From one of the Airport SEPTA stations, take the Airport Regional Rail Line until you reach Suburban Station (4 stops). NATCA volunteers also will be working in the Suburban Station to provide direction to the official hotels. You can walk from the Suburban Station to the official hotels (0.3 mile to Sheraton, 0.2 mile to Sonesta, and 0.5 mile to Hampton Inn). Look for your brothers and sisters in the red NATCA T-shirt.

While traveling to and from hotels from airport, if you take transportation other than SEPTA when SEPTA is operating, you will be personally responsible for costs you incur.
Travel to Hotels from Philadelphia's 30th Street Rail Station
Convention attendees should take a SEPTA train or trolley from Philadelphia's 30th Street Rail Station to City Center. Trains and trolleys run seven days a week every 5-10 minutes from 5 a.m. to midnight. No NATCA volunteers will be at the 30th Street Rail Station, so Convention attendees taking the train to Philadelphia will need to purchase their own SEPTA or trolley fares.
  • To Sheraton, take any rail line from 30th Street Station and stay on the train for one stop until you reach Suburban Station. Walk 0.3 mile to hotel. NATCA volunteers also will be working in the Suburban Station to provide direction to the official hotels.
  • To Sonesta, take trolley from 30th Street Trolley Station to 19th Street Trolley Station. Walk one block to hotel.
  • To Hampton Inn, take trolley from 30th Street Trolley Station to 13th Street Trolley Station. Walk 0.3 mile to hotel.
While traveling to and from hotels from rail station, if you take transportation other than SEPTA when SEPTA is operating, you will be personally responsible for costs you incur.
Limited Transportation Loop Between Hotels & Evening Event Venues
We encourage walking to and from the hotels, Pennsylvania Convention Center, and evening event venues. The venues all are within walking distance of each other and located in safe neighborhoods. NATCA has organized a continuous transportation shuttle loop for the Tuesday and Wednesday evening events, but space on these shuttles will be very limited:
  • Tuesday, April 17, 5:45 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., shuttle pick-up/drop-off at two of the hotels and reception at National Constitution Center
  • Wednesday, April 18, 6:30 p.m. to 11:15 p.m., shuttle pick-up/drop-off at two of the hotels and reception at Eastern State Penitentiary
For both Tuesday and Wednesday evening, the hotel pick-up locations are the Sheraton (@ 17th Street) and the Hampton Inn (@ 1301 Race Street).
No transportation is planned to or from the closing reception.
Regional Dinner Venues:
No transportation is planned to or from the regional dinner venues. They all are located in Central City and should be walkable distances from the official hotels.
  • NCE, NNM, NNE, NRX - Field House, 1150 Filbert St.
  • NEA, NAL - City Tap House, 2 Logan Square
  • NGL, NWP - Hardrock Café, 1113-31 Market St.
  • NSO - Howl at the Moon, 258 S 15th St. (about 2 blocks south of Walnut)
  • NSW - Gran Café L'Aquila, 1716 Chestnut St.
Stay Connected
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