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Heaven on Earth?
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Please join us for this upcoming live event:

Deep Presence with Leonard

Comprised of two online sessions via zoom
Saturday, December 12 and Sunday, December 13, 2020

from 2pm to 3:30pm US Central Time each day.

[12pm PT/ 3pm ET/ 8pm UK/ 9pm EU
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This event in consciousness, led by Leonard, is an advanced intensive in deep Presence.
The focus of this course is on being more deeply present. It is designed to take you to the deepest levels of Awakened consciousness.
If you are a student of Leonard’s teachings and committed to becoming fundamentally grounded in Presence, living in the truth of life, we highly recommend you participate!

“When we come together in Presence, we open into Oneness.”
Sessions will be organic in nature and focused entirely on deepening in presence, beyond the story. This retreat-level experience will not include aspects of the story or other obstacles to being present.

Together we will explore
  • the mystery of our existence,
  • the soul’s journey,
  • our true purpose in being here and
  • the transformative power of Presence.

The course will consist of two, 90-minute online sessions
  • Saturday, December 12 at 2pm (US Central Time)
  • Sunday, December 13, 2020 at 2pm (US Central Time)

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The tuition fee is $100


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Deep Presence with Leonard
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12/12/20 2:00pm - 12/13/20 3:30pm

An advanced intensive in deep Presence.
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Deep Presence with Leonard
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 A pre-requisite of this event is that you are a member of the Awaken Now community app, or you have attended at least one longer in-person event with Leonard (for example, a Mt Madonna retreat, a Provence Retreat or a Copenhagen workshop).
We highly recommend that you read the books, Bridging Heaven on Earth and Words from Silence before attending.

If you have any questions, please contact Jane at

Responses from our last online retreat

"First let me share from the depth of my being, sincerest gratitude for enabling me to join and be in communion with you and the much loved Mt. Madonna extended presence family! I have immediately experienced deep presence guided by your words at my home and this is new and very enriching." CA, Switzerland

"After watching the bonus video Expression of Love I am filled with wave after wave of gratitude. It is a wonder to be in Presence. And I might never have gotten here without your teaching. Thank you. Thank you." RW, New Jersey

"Dear Leonard, I just wanted to share my love a gratitude to you and your commitment to this teaching, it is beyond words what I am feeling, being in the space and presence you have created in the last few days. I am filled with love and gratitude." MS, UK

"This on-line gathering has been so effective for me to re-member Presence, experience this precious teaching, and share Presence with such beautiful people - what else can I ask for?" YH, Colorado

"Thank you for a wonderful retreat and initiative. It was so incredibly generous and nourishing - just what G-d ordered." AK, Australia

 "I am writing to thank you deeply for you, your Presence, and the gift of your silliness and humanness all wrapped into a package of mastery. You are gift to me and many... a true example of genuine service to God and those who desire to remember. My soul is grateful." JF, CA

"Thank you for the teaching you offer and share so beautifully. The deep yearning that calls for a deeper relaxation out of thinking is really what's taking form here for me, now, as a most precious invitation. With love and Gratitude." AF, Canada

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