A message from Sarah Siroka, NJDAA President

The Annual ADAA meeting

Saturday, October 22, 2022

1pm to 3pm EST

Good afternoon ADAA MEMBERS,

The Annual ADAA meeting will be held virtually on Saturday, October 22, from 1 pm to 3 pm EST. Every member is encouraged to attend! You will also have the opportunity to vote. You DO NOT need to be a delegate, so keep a watch on your email for instructions on the ballot and when the deadline for voting will take place. The meeting will be very different than past meetings. Tentatively, the schedule is the welcome, followed by the President’s message, announcement of new officers, reports, updates, awards, Mastership/Fellowship convocations, and a panel discussion. If you have any questions, please reach out to me.

Thank you, everyone, for your continued membership in ADAA, and I look forward to what this new chapter of ADAA will bring forth with our new management company.

Hope to see you on Zoom in Oct!

Visit www.njdaa.org or click here

October 2022 MEMBER NEWS

  • If anyone has received an email supposedly from any NJDAA officer asking for your information, gift cards or money, PLEASE do not respond. For years this has been an issue with the officers occasionally getting these emails, but it seems some members of NJDAA are starting to receive them. If anything seems odd, feel free to contact us to ask if it was an email from NJDAA. We will never ask for personal information or money via email.

  • We are continuing to investigate options for a blended NJDAA Annual Session, however, most venues have dramatically increased their costs. Stay posted for further details.

  • The ADAA has a new website - when you log into your account you may see a member number which is different than your ID, it is an internal number. Go to your profile to see your ID, it has not changed.

  • There is a new continuing education tab on the NJDAA website. Please visit the site to see other continuing education for members.  

  • This year's winners of the ADAA membership at Annual Session, please contact Theresa Lennon, theresalennon@comcast.net. 

  • IMPORTANT - Please add njdaa.org@gmail.com to your contacts, if not our emails will go to your spam.
New Jersey Dental Assistants Association | email njdaa.org@gmail.com