'We thank all of our valued customers for your loyal support on our amazing journey'
Konstantinos Verdes    
CEO Verdes Innovations, S.A.

V-Cube Celebrates

Our 7th Anniversary!!!

Seven years have passed since V-Cube introduced the 21st Century Cube based on our innovative, patented technology.
Year after year, we have innovated new products, reached new markets and created a world of loyal V-Fans. 
This issue focuses on our amazing journey during last year with our new product categories V-Classics & V-Collections, international activities and interesting corporate news. It is all about you! On the occasion of this significant anniversary and in great appreciation of our customer's dedication, we are pleased to offer a 30% discount for 72 hours!
V-Cube ...On The Move For 7 Years!
June 19th is a milestone in our company history and marks V-Cube's 7th anniversary. We are celebrating our amazing journey since 2008 and particularly the new developments and successes of 2014/15. Since the start, our goal has been to realize the vision of Panagiotis Verdes, the inventor, which is to give all cube fans the chance to play with high quality puzzles and enjoy a challenging, exciting game.

This was a record year for V-Cube.

We categorized existing and new V-Cube products, which include V-Classics and the newly- introduced, amazing V-Collections series, which comprises seven "theme" categories and more than one hundred new products!

We doubled our international business activity with dynamic entry to new markets in the GCC, EU, N. America and extended our activity in significant existing markets. We've established collaboration with new, prestigious corporate clients and cultural centers. Further, we've introduced a new, exciting interactive website and social media communications reflecting V-Cube's innovative values for you to share the 'V' experience.

Finally, Verdes Innovations, S.A., continues to successfully serve V-Cube customers, our most precious asset. We would like to dedicate this anniversary to our loyal V-Cube fans around the world who have supported our products and shown their appreciation for our dedication to innovation.



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V-Classics Great to play & compete!
V-Classics is a fun family of cle Ver Cubes for beginners to experienced cubers. From the 2 layer 'Beginner's Classic' to the "Top of the Game' 8 layer, V-Classics offers something for everyone.
Choose from 11 different, six-colored cubes in flat design and our unique " Pillow" shape. All cubes are based on V-Cube's patented, unified technology, which means smooth rotation - no matter how high you go!
V-Collections No Ordinary Cube!
In 2014, V-Cube introduced our new "V-Collections" series.
These unique theme cubes include 75 different designs and more than 100 products in seven categories.
All designs revolve around our innovative approach to printing directly on the cube's surface.
Ideal for kids, students, parents, professionals, fans of mind games, tourists, museum and nature lovers. The perfect gift, souvenir and it's great to display!
Welcome UAE 
to the V-Cube World! 
We're now in prestigious stores in the UAE.
Universal Gaming Becomes Personal!

INTRALOT chooses
V-CUBE for its new B2B promotional tool! 


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