V-CUBE the 21st century cube

'We are passionate about creating new cube concepts and are excited about V -Collections'
Konstantinos Verdes    
CEO Verdes Innovations, S.A.

And, the good news is...! 
This edition of 'No Limits' focuses on the exciting activities at V-Cube this month including the super successful V-Cube Facebook "Share Your Story" Competition. You'll get a good look at new customized V-Cube designs for Tierpark Goldau Switzerland and Southampton University, as well as the featured V-Classics 7 layer cube, so check out, 'the masterpiece' on our web site for all the details.

You'll discover why V-Collections is 'No Ordinary Brain Game and get more info on NewShare  about 'what's happening now' at V-Cube together with our global partners.

No colored stickers on this clever cube.  
V-Collections  twisty puzzle is designed with different theme images on a 2 or 3 layer V-Cube  to challenge your skill, memory and attention to detail. A 360 experience in nine fascinating categories.

Turn & learn. Discover how much you know - and don't!!


The Masterpiece!
Sophisticated techniques hold the key 
V-CUBE?7 is a uniquely designed and constructed skill game. It is a multi-colored, seven-layered cube that rotates smoothly on based axes.

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Dubai now has some truly spectacular buildings, all of which combine state of the art architectural design and technique with a traditional Arabic flavor. V -Cube looks forward to a great fan base in the UAE!

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V-Cube's Success Story!   'Share Your Story' Competition
And the winner is ....THREE WINNERS in both Competitions!!!
Tell us about your passion for cubing!
Each winner received a V-Cube? 8 layer
& V-Cube T-Shirt!

Tell us your best cubing moment!
Each winner received a V-Cube? 6 flat new version  & V-Cube T-Shirt!
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"You & Your V-Cube"
Winners of the 3rd Competition "You & Your V-Cube Photo will be announced.


The response to the 'Share Your Story' Competitions was amazing with great stories from V-Cube fans worldwide!.
Our series of Cubes for the Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Our designs for the
UK National Oceanography Centre! Southampton. Enjoy!!!
V-Cube at the Goldau Nature Park and Zoo
Today around 100 species
of wild and non-domesticated animals live in the 34-hectare area. 
V-Cube for Venetis Bakery
V-Cube has created a new, customized cube for Venetis Bakery,  large chain of bakery goods in Athens, with great caf? in Omonia Square  Now on Mykonos.

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