'We're proud to be the global innovation leader with worldwide firsts, like the V-Cube "Pillow" design'
Konstantinos Verdes     
CEO Verdes Innovations, S.A.

FIRST with the 'Pillow' Shape V-Cube. When, Why & How!

In this issue we're featuring V-Cube's innovative design, the 'pillow' shape cube, available in both the Classics and V-Collections series.
Get the background information on how this unique design was developed by Panagiotis Verdes, the inventor of V-Cube patented unified technology and how the V-Cube 'Pillow' has changed the world of cubing.
You'll also get an exclusive look at the customized cubes designed by V-Cube as a sponsor of Black Rock Studios, Santorini professional song writing camp.

Further, V-Cube is happy to announce we're on the move in Europe, with our products in retail stores in Poland and coming soon!! in Chile and Colombia, opening doors for V-Cube presence in South America.
A Top Performer.

The ' V' Pillow is a worldwide first introduced by V-Cube in 2008 as the INNOVATIVE 21st century design of V-Cube's revolutionary V-Cube 6 and V-Cube 7!
The V- Cube ORIGINAL Pillow is in a class of its own.

If standing out from the crowd is your style, the 'V' Pillow is for you. The curved lines and rounded corners give the cube its streamlined shape so it's not only 'looking good' from all sides but ergonomically designed to give you top performance.

As a V-Cube innovation breakthrough, the contour of the 'V' Pillow follows the natural shape of the cuber's hand giving you an excellent grip, which, of course, contributes to a fantastic speedcubing experience.

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'V' Breaking News
'V' Arrives in Poland!
Poland, one of V-Collections newest cubes in the Gems of Design Series, not only showcases the country's landmarks and heritage but celebrates V-Cube's arrival in Poland! 

V-Cube is now available in fine Toy-Stores throughout the country

'V' @ South America

South America, Here We Come!!!
Beautiful Colombia with beaches on the Caribbean Coast.
Chile and Colombia in South America are new, exciting destinations for V-Cube.
Soon, our range of products will be available in retail stores throughout these two countries. We are pleased to reach our many Fans in South American with the 21st century cube on the shelves!

'V's in the MIX
Santorini is an unlikely rock 'n' roll epicentre. Rugged and remote, the island sits some 200km off the Greek mainland, Yet to those that know, Santorini is also home to Black Rock Studios: a best-kept-secret facility whose isolated vibe and cutting-edge equipment has drawn artists including One Republic, Joe Bonamassa, Justin Bieber, Bring me the Horizon to record there.

Twice yearly, Black Rock Studios hosts one of the premier professional song writing camps in the world, where dynamic talents converge to pen the tunes that will be pitched to labels and turned into hits.

V-Cube is in the mix at the Black Rock song writing camp as a memorable give-away to these talented groups of songwriters.
The specially-designed cubes highlight the best of Santorini and are personalized with Black Rock moments.

Verdes Innovations S.A