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'All of us at V-Cube wish you a fun summer wherever you are, whatever you do.'
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'V' Breaking News
V-Cube's " Guy in the Sky"
Daniel Megison made his first wingsuit flight as V-Cube's extreme sports ambassador at the American Revolution Boogie July 1-4 held at Spaceland, Dallas, Texas.
Wearing his specially-designed wingsuit with the V-Cube logo, Daniel impressed extreme sports fans with around 30 jumps over the four-day celebrations.

On July 4th, the last day of the super event, Daniel hosted a ' meet & greet' on the premises, which was open to the public. Daniel talked one-on-one with the many visitors about his passion for V-Cubing and wingsuit flying.

There was excitement in the air and on the ground in the hangar - the event venue, where fans had a chance to cube on the spot, get to know Daniel and take home a collection of V-Cube giveaways showcasing a custom-made cube for the event.

See site, 'American Revolution Boogie Wingsuiting with V-Cube's 'guy in the sky.'
We're happy to introduce Daniel as V-Cube's extreme sports partner. 
Daniel is a 'serious' V-Cuber who likes the excitement of the moment. He likes trekking, climbing, diving and wingsuit flying. Like all 'V' fans, he aims high to meet new challenges.

No Rules, No Limits to the fun
V-Cube's playing it your way
With over 100 products and fans worldwide, the V-Cube experience is as unique as each player. Playing it your way is built into the game with more cubes to choose from and features to suit your lifestyle. (Like, lightweight for solving underwater this summer!)

There's no rules, no limits to the fun, challenge, the chance to 'beat the clock' speedcubing and, for some, honing their skills to play blindfolded. Stickerless cubes, bright colors, quality plastic and, of course, the 'pillow, with great grip and feel, are just some of V-Cube's distinguishing features. 
But your lifestyle stories, personal experiences with the 'V' make the V-Cube World a great place to be. Check out this awesome post. We're happy the V-Cube 'pillow' has made its way into a new special fan's life.

YOU, Your-V-Cube & Summer
V-Cube's HOT this summer with fun & games!
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Worthy of a Full Frame!
V-Cube Custom Cubes for Museums
Some of the world's Finest Museums have chosen V-Cube as a perfect gift for their prestigious Art Stores.

V-Cube has produced custom cubes for leading museums around the world.
V-Cube showcases Cube Art collectable souvenirs at famous museums including Acropolis Museum, Athens; Metropolitan Museum of Arts, New York; Natural History Museum, London and the Museum of Israel, Jerusalem.
These custom art cubes are 'Worthy of a Full Frame!'

Thanks Spain!!!
V-Cube  NO 1, in First Place, in Spain

Officially, V-CUBE was NO 1, IN FIRST PLACE, IN SPAIN for the month of May in popularity and sales in the Games-Puzzles-Board Games division and Thirteenth (NO 13) in ALL Toys.

Thanks to all our fans and to our partner, Aquamarine Games for this super achievement!

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