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V-Cube at the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2016 & much more!

In this issue, V-Cube's week at the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2016 (Spielwarenmesse) is top news.
The Nuremberg Fair, largest International Trade Fair for Toys and Games, is held annually at the Messezentrum and features 170,000 sq. meters of exhibition space.
We're also highlighting V-Classics 'BUNDLES' super collections with super deals and three new theme cubes from V-Collections Fun, Art Emotions and Gems of Design series.
Finally, we're taking a survey, for the fun of it. We want to find out if that 'sound' you hear while cubing (clatter, clatter), is music to your ears or not. Some of you think so; Moms generally don't! Check out V-Cube's Facebook page and add your comment to 'Sound Check'.
All Happening Here!
V-Cube at Nuremberg Toy Fair 2016 (Spielwarenmesse)
The Nuremberg Toy Fair, which is held annually in Nuremberg, Germany, is a major event for the international toy and game trade. This year, the Exhibition set a record with 2,800 exhibitors from 60 countries and 71,000 trade visitors from 120 countries.

V-Cube was ready for opening day with an impressive exhibit showcasing the V-Cube brand from the ground, up. A trendy glass floor panel filled with cubes caught every visitor's eye, along with a rich display of the largest cube collection EVER!
The kiosk featured a welcoming lounge where visitors could play the V-Cube of their choice.

With V-Cube now reaching over 100 countries and available in fine toy stores throughout Europe and beyond, the stream of visitors and international interest in V-Cube products was outstanding.
'Super' Cube Collections
V-Classics BUNDLES

V-Classics 'BUNDLES' COLLECTIONS are 'a must' for 'serious' cubers and beginners because you'll 'save a bundle' with amazing deals. The options are super. You can choose a 'Bundle' of small cubes/black or white body, large cubes/black or white body or the Super Collections with 12 amazing cubes, including V-Cube 7 Illusion. BUNDLES Collections also include the Duo Pack, your choice of cube size, 2, 3, 4 & 6 in flat and pillow.
These collections are a great way to start cubing and move up, step by step or add to your collections.


Check out BUNDLES at  www.v-cubes.com under V-Classics category!!

New V-Collections
V-Collections introduces three exciting new cubes in its Gems of Design, Art Emotions and Fun Series that are challenging to turn and learn.
GEMS of Design
Brazilian Escape!
Rio de Janeiro

Known for its natural beauty, carnival, samba, boss nova and famous beaches, such as Copacampana and Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro is a city of dreams. Home to the Maracana Stadium, one of the world's largest football stadiums, Rio de Janeiro will host the 2016 Summer Olympics, a first for South America.
ART Emotions
Masterpieces of Art!
Da Vinci

The Mona Lisa, Vitruvian Man and The Last Supper are the legendary works of Leonardo de Vinci, one of the greatest artists of all times. He has been called the true 'Renaissance Man' because of his endless curiosity and scope of interests ranging from invention, painting, and mathematics to engineering, music and astronomy.
 FUN for All
Great to Play
...off the Court!

Fun for all the family, great to play and display. The 'authentic' V-Cube basketball is ideal for kids and sports enthusiasts of all ages. The cube scores high in appearance, durability and high quality.
'V' Breaking !!!
V-Cube on Display in NYC
This month V-Cube is participating in the American International Toy Fair 2016 held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City.

Get all the details in the next Issue.

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Voice your opinion and comment on 'Sound Check,' our Facebook survey on cube clatter!
As a cuber, you know the 'clattering' sound the mechanism makes as you twist and turn.
Our preliminary research shows that some people love it and find it relaxing, while others (mostly, non-cubers) go crazy! with the 'noise.'
As a V-Cuber, let us know how you feel about 'cube clatter.' 

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