'Happy summer
to all our loyal V-Fans.
Konstantinos Verdes    
CEO Verdes Innovations, S.A.

Happy Summer!

We wish you a great summer 2015
and the best holidays ever.
V-Cube has a new summer Facebook Competition, 'Share Your Story, PHOTO SHOOT!! 'V' & You on Vacation. You don't want to miss this!
Find out the details in this issue. We're also highlighting the V-Classics 4 layer family and V-Collections Fun Series 'Funky Spirals, 'as well as Canada and Montreal's famed Habitat 67.
Finally, we would like to thank all of you for making our 7th Anniversary Celebration a success and look forward to another great 'V-Cube' year offering high quality products and services to our loyal V-Fans!
Happening NOW! Summertime!
...a taste of the Greek summer scene
The warmest season of the year is here and now! It's break time. You're ready for sun, sand and sea, outdoor activities and new experiences! Here's a taste of the Greek summer scene. The Greek islands, crystal seas, awesome beaches and secret mountain hideaways.
...secret mountain hideaways
Enjoy and get inspired to TAKE ACTION.
ENTER "V-Cube's Summer Competition, PHOTO SHOOT!!. 'V & You on Vacation!

NEW Summer Best Photo Competition
V-Cube's Summer FB-Competition
V-Fans are from all over the world and your vacation choices are hotspots/dream places to visit. We're very excited about V's Summer Competition because your impressions and photos connect the 'V-Cube World.'
SO START NOW!! Take photos of 'V' and you on vacation in extraordinary places/situations. Post as many photos as you like for the next two months.
5 WINNERS!!! will choose their favorite cube from the ENTIRE range of V-Cube
V-Fans choose the WINNERS by sharing the photos you like till September 10th.
Here's your chance to 'Share Your Story' in a PHOTO SHOOT of 'V' & You On Vacation wherever you happen to be this summer... More info on V-Cube Facebook Page
Posting for Competition begins NOW!!!. Like us on Facebook

V-CUBEā„¢ 4 Extra layer, new challenges
V-Classics 4 layer
This even-sided puzzle cube needs a different set of strategies to solve.
It's a great challenge so you have to play with finesse, style and tricky combinations.
It's virtually never the same puzzle twice!!

V-Collections - Fun - Funky Spirals - V-CUBE 3 Flat
Funky Spirals /3 layer flat
Great graphics and colours are a fun combination but don't let the design trick you into thinking it's a simple solve. The pattern tests your skills and the cube offers a challenge.

Canada - 'V' is Coast-to-Coast
'V' is available is fine stores throughout Canada.
We thank our loyal V-Fans for their V-Cubing enthusiasm!
Habitat 67 designed by Canadian architect Moshe Safdie
No wonder!, The cube design is a  part of every day life for our Canadian friends in Montreal's amazing architectural design created by Canadian architect Moshe Safdie.

Habitat was designed in 1967 to integrate the benefits of suburban homes including gardens, fresh air, privacy with multi-level environments and the density of a modern urban apartment building.

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